If Islam is a religion of peace, as its adherents claim...?

...then why do some of them get violently angry at what they perceive as threats to their religion. Salman Rushdie endured death threats for "The Satanic Verses". Theo Van Gogh was murdered for making a film critical of Islam. Danish cartoonists faced sanctions for their cartoons of Mohammed. A woman who suggested "Draw Mohammed" day had to go into witness protection because of violent threats. There have been many acts of violence in the name of Islam.

Yes, people of other religious beliefs--Christians, for example--have engaged in violent behavior, too, but to be fair to Christians, they tend to boycott something they find offensive, not put a fatwa out for them.

And maybe it's reporting, but it seems violence done in the name of Islam gets far less condemnation from its leaders than violence done in the name of other religions.

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    Islam is not peaceful, it's a fact that any idiot can see and people who don't see just are even more stupid and fanatic. Period.

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    the authentic Islam is the authentic Islam that grew to become into taught whilst it grew to become into declared via the Prophet Muhammed (peace and reward be upon him). It taught people who had no morals to be style to women human beings, the elderly, the undesirable, little ones, neighbours, orphans, etc. It taught them to maintain removed from sin, and to be style to individuals as a results of fact they have mercy on you as their infant. It taught them to ejoin sturdy, and forbid evil. Now thats non violent. From then, the unique teachings have slowly been left in the back of, as a results of fact of leaders and students that have more suitable from new sects being formed from the authentic Islam. Deviations have occured, so persons are lead removed from the unique Islam, as a results of fact of following techniques that weren't in any respect there interior the 1st place whilst Islam began. this is totally uncommon immediately to locate a individual who relatively follows the authentic Islam. So if maximum folk prefer to circulate a undeniable way, it doesnt make what they prepare the actually faith. What they prepare are deviations and methods. the authentic Islam continues to be an identical no rely if it relatively is practiced or not. i'm hoping this helps.

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    Excluding moderate Muslims for a moment...

    Radical Islam, and even conservative Islam, believes peace comes from Islamic values, following their god, and living under their laws.

    It's not the same democratic idea of peace we believe in.

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    What other religious group would want to behead a teacher when one of her students named their stuffed teddy bear, "Mohamed" ?

    It seems that they worship Mohamed, instead of God, because only God deserves THAT kind of respect and protection!

    (And Christians even won't attack some one for using the name of Jesus, even though Christians believe that Jesus is God incarnate, and deserves the respect and protection that the muslems give to Mohamed!)

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    Islam's peace would be wiping Israel and other non-believers off the map. Religious zealots to the extreme.

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    Yes, if Islam is a religion that teaches peace why are so many terrorist attacks attributed to Islam?

    You don't hear Buddhists or Christians or atheists claiming responsibility for terrorist attacks.

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    Islam has no real leaders; it's a very loose system of local clerics and warlords. That's why it thrives in lawless places like Somalia and Sudan.

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    Ok, we know we don't create each other and we don't come to this world from nowhere because when we die we must be going somewhere as well, hence there must be God, if there were many Gods, they would have fought over what to be created and what not to be, probably over who to die and who to live at the same time... so it's gotta be one God... if that God created us then there must be a reason... could we figure it out on our own? God made it easy and sent us messengers and prophets to show us the way and tell us why... so all the messengers and all the religions are from the same only God, so they've got to be complementary to each other, not opposing each other!!! then God must have said His final words in the last message, what is the last message? and how do we know it's the last one? I guess that would be the religion that believes in all messengers and all books equally... is there such religion? actually yes, Islam does :)

    A True Muslim (man or woman) gets his reward for obeying Allah's orders (Allah means The God in Arabic) by going to heaven, where he/she are indulged forever in all the good things that were on earth and more, things no one ever dreamt of or heard about. The Holy Quran tells Muslims (men and women) there will be good food, good wine and sex in heaven for all, but not in the bestial way you may think of, but rather in a way that is satisfactory for everyone and better than what was on earth. Heaven is no heartbreak or injustice land.

    True Muslims are no terrorists, and Islam never calls for that, Islam means peace, it bans violence unless you were fought so you fight back, it only doesn't require Muslims to be cowards, and true Muslims understand this very well and never attack civilians.

    Islam is the only religion that accepts freedom of religion and asks men to treat women gently like queens.

    It's all in the Holy Quran and the right teachings of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

    If some people behave otherwise, then it's because people behaviour doesn't necessarily reflect the rulings of their religion always, for example, we can't (and don't) judge Christianity by Hitler or Madonna.

    And that is another reason why there is heaven and hell after we die, heaven for the obedient and hell for the disobedient and/or oppressor, it's all going to be decided on the day of resurrection and judgement.

    To be a Muslim, you must believe God is only one with no spouses or offspring, believe in his angels (servants not males or females), believe in all his religions, messangers and books equally, the day of judgement, heaven and hell and that everything is in God's hands and because of his will (good or bad).

    Muslims believe God is the only divine who never dies, the creator who deserves to be worshiped, all prophets who came to earth are human messangers sent by him.

    Muslims don't deny christianity, judaism, Jesus or Moses. They believe in them as the noble prophets and messangers of God, love and respect them so much.

    We believe the birth of Jesus (messanger of God) was a miracle from God to us, being born by a mother only and with no father. God is the creator, he can do anything.

    We believe Jesus (peace be upon him) is NOT dead till today; he wasn’t even murdered or crucified as most people think. God (most glorified) made the man who betrayed Jesus be killed instead by switching their looks for a moment. Jesus was left up to live in heaven until the end of days when he will come back to earth again, with no new teachings or messages but just to make justice prevail instead of oppression, fight the imposter who will claim to be God and (most important) to perform his last prayer with the Muslims announcing he's too a follower of the last prophet (Muhammad) as all people should... then he really dies like other Prophets and be buried (peace be upon them all). So we're waiting for you Jesus, Messenger of God, to bring the world peace and pray with us. That’s what prophet Muhammad told us and this is what I believe in, I’m a Muslim

    Neither Islam nor the Quran have versions, Shias are not considered Muslims because they either don't believe in Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), or they object to God's will, so according to what's stated above they are not of the same true religion, so please don't use any of their speech as a trusted source about Islam.

    so how do we know it's true? what is said in the last message and what should we do? read the following, and you'll figure out for yourself:

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    Peace means everyone is doing God's will.

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    "I'm going to ignore your question and instead, talk about Israel! I love Israel so much! God bless it's heart! There's a special place in Heaven for Israel."

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