what makes us seek out fear?

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  • 10 years ago
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    I don't know why everyone does it but I have several ideas...

    1. A biological based answer is that fear induces pleasurable feelings like excitement, anticipation and exhilaration. When someone is scared a whole cocktail of neurochemicals are released into their brain. Some of these chemicals have the added bonus of making people feel good. Two of the best examples of these are adrenaline and endorphins. Adrenaline (as most people know) is a neurotransmitter that gives a person the feeling of a "rush" that is felt as positive as well as giving people the feeling of being able to accomplish anything. Endoprhins, on the other hand, are the body's form of morphine which relax the body and produce a feeling of well-being or even a euphoric state of emotion. These neurotransmitters are released into the rewards center of the brain which is responsible for the pleasurable emotions that humans are able to feel. These chemicals are released because of the fight or flight response people naturally have but if people induce this reaction in situations then they can feel good without actually being in any danger.

    The biological reaction to fear is probably the foundation for all other fear-seeking behaviors that people exhibit.

    2. Some people seek out danger because of the need to feel that they have control over their lives. One of the best examples is the idea of a person "facing their fears". If a person can overcome the one thing that scares them the most then they will feel that they have the power to control what happens in their lives. People want to feel that they control what happens to them and not feel that they and the world around them are the product of circumstance. By actively seeking out fear (even if it is seemingly not related) people can alleviate anxiety caused by the unknown.

    This can also be the case when people have irrational fears or phobias. A phobia is very inconvenient and some people may seek out their fear in order to conquer their problems so that they can live a fully functional life. This is very effective for people with phobic disorders.

    3. Another reason people seek out fear is because of extreme emotional stress. This emotional stress can be caused by any number of things like trauma, grief, self-hatred, bad living conditions and many others. People in these circumstances often feel numb or depressed as a result of their emotional situation (these are coping mechanisms so that the person can't feel the true raw pain of what is happening in their lives). Sometimes the only way theses people can feel "alive" again is to physically force their bodies to produce emotions. One of the best way to do this is to seek out fear. It may alleviate depression or lesson the numbness for a while because of the sudden burst of neurotransmitters fear releases into the brain.

    4. Some people crave the neurotransmitter cocktail that is released during an acute feeling of fear. These are typically the type of people referred to as adrenalin junkies. It is an experience that can by psychologically addicting in a very similar way to drugs. It is also more easily likened to extreme exercisers, who use physical activity to release pleasurable chemicals and becomes "addicted" to the feeling.

    5. Sometimes it is just fun (probably because of the biological basis) to seek out fear. Like going to a scary movie. It can be exciting and make you feel closer to others around you (like a date) because you are both sharing the same emotion inducing experience. It is in our DNA to seek out new things and try them (so we can find new ways to survive) while at the same time exerting cautiousness and fear (so we don't get ourselves killed). It is a normal human behavior that can lead to many positive and negative experiences.

    The biggest thing that makes people seek out fear, in my opinion, is the underlying emotions they have. Whether they just want to have fun, alliviate anxiety or just be able to feel something all of these are emotional states that lead people to explore their fears.

    Lastly, what people fear most is the unknown. If they seek out what they fear then they can understand it and conquer it, or at least hopefully come to peace with it and accept it. A person can't live life to the fullest if they are in constant fear and so, ultimately, the ability to conquer it will lead to happiness. Or death in some cases...

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  • 10 years ago

    Only fear will make you search for more, anything you become addicted to will make you search for more, you need ask what am I afraid of, because your becoming addicted to an emotion you need to rid yourself of, like for the situation that is making you feel afraid, and handle that situation.

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  • 4 years ago

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