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Best teen halloween costume?

hey !

i` m going to a halloween party and it` s not like grade 7s it` s a legit party so i need some ideas for a halloween costume ? i `m a teenage girl, any good ideas ?

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    A DOLL! Or type in 'adult alice in wonderland' on google, they're so cutee ^^

    N I would recommend watchin videos on youtube on how to do the makeup..theres loads :) have a good partyy xoxoxo

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    well there's vampire,uh you could be superheroes (female of course), a witch,pirate,alice in wonderland, red riding hood,a devil,pixie,angel,gypsy,a native, ninja, cowgirl, gladiator, salsa dancer,minnie mouse, a hippie?, and i guess like a fashion police

    hope those helped i'm going to wear a shirt that says costume...lol

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    little red riding hood?? disney princess?? (something classic) Zombie cheerleader. psycho killer girl. Final destination girl (with pieces of metal sticking out of chest). Just imagine soemthing :D be creative :)

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    i bought a banana costume at value village :D

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    white trash bag aroun u youll be white trash lol

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