Working from home opportunities?

Any one out there know of any legit websites or companies that hire people to work from home? I check online by a basic search but most seem bogus, so any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!

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    There are legitimate work at home jobs out there, trust me I know. I have been working from home for the past 3yrs. I started out working as a w-2 employee from home for a company call NIMBUS you can google them and maybe find the website to apply but they were a great company than I switch over to but to make a long story shorty there are some legitimate companies out here you just have to look but I like to be in control over my schedule so I started working from home for myself with a little help, this site got me started and hopefully it can help you too

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    The ones you apply to on line generally are bogus.

    There are companies you can apply to in your city that may allow you to work from home once you get the job with them. My wife does that booking reservations for a hotel chain, but she went to the main office and interviewed and was hired there.

    There are consignment type web sites you can join and list your home crafts, art, jewelry, etc. that you make yourself and sell those items on line.

    At, you can offer services that use your skills for five bucks a pop. Fiverr keeps $1 and you get $4, but you have to be able to offer services that people want.

    If you're an experienced freelance writer, editor or filmmaker, you can find online work at to work on projects for other sites.

    If you have a college degree or are currently enrolled in college, you can tutor kids or adults at and earn from $10 to $14/hour based on the subject.

    Places like and contract with home-based workers to represent customer service operations for many retailers who don't have their own customer service departments. You'll need a to complete a comprehensive written application, skills exam, phone interview and background check. Some other similar companies are

    Don't fall for these:

    1 Stuffing envelopes at home

    2 Typing at home

    3 Email processing

    4 Medical Billing (There are insurance companies that do this, but they advertise under their trade names)

    5 Craft assembly

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    Check out

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    CNN did a report on this on the Clark Howard Show.

    They found 99% of them to be scams - pure scams.

    They could not verify the other 1%.

    If you try to beat these odds, I truly respect your enthusiasm.


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