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When do the symptoms appear in a person who is affected of cystic Fibrosis?

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    I started with asthma sx in 1997, then post op minor surgery, dripping nose, cough, short of breath in 1996, on/off prednisone , occ inhalers, many antibiotics, still able to run military PT test, had sinus surg 97, 2nd one in 2004 and 3rd in 2007. by then had pseudomonas bact in lungs and sinuses, no CF diagnosis yet, sweat test/common screening panel (23) negative, 2008, docs req DNA full panel, + for CF, have had 3 piccs for iv antibiotics and now total disability after work learned of diagnosis, but I was getting sicker while I worked, sweating just walking down the hall, short of breath, cough for 4 years, exhaustion, I was 50 in 2008 and was working full time as a trauma OR nurse. Glad I don't have to work anymore. I had sinus sx on/off as a teenager in Florida, mostly the sinus infections would not go away, immunoglobulins were done and showed some abn in IgA2 and IgM. Have had Klebsiella, heterosporium and scopularius (sp) molds grown and cleared with meds, I have pancreatic function and lived a normal life until the lung bacteria and short of breath became a problem. Usually sx appear in the first year, with failure to thrive, no wt gain, resp infections, go to or or CF clinic. and of course, cxr changes and fatigue.

    Source(s): nurse w adult dx CF age 50
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    it depends how severe the case of cystic fibrosis is.. if it is a severe case symptoms can appear as a baby but if it is a mild case they could appear in early childhood.

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    They can show symptoms as soon as they are born. Some are born with meconium ileus due to the thick sticky mucus and they are diagnosed straight away

    Others can be months or years old and have symptoms such as failure to thrive or constant chest infections.

    Bloated stomachs and foul smelling nappies can also happen in babies.

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