What happened on RAW this passed Monday night?

I watched the Hell in a Cell PPV last Sunday an I was curious about what happened. I never got to see it because of work.

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    John Cena was forced to join Nexus

    John Cena says he will destroy the Nexus from within

    The General Manager says that John Cena has to listen to Wade Barrett.

    LayCool lost to The Bella Twins.

    The General Manager asks Edge to Apologize.

    Edge says he won't apologize and makes fun of Miceal Cole

    The Miz and Alex Riley attacks Edge

    The General manager says that A Battle Royal will determine the new #1 Contender for the WWE Championship

    The General Manager trades Edge to Smackdown

    Wade Barrett says John Cena must help him win the Battle Royale

    Wade Barrett is the new #1 contender for the WWE Championship thanks to Cena.

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    Well... EDGE got fired off RAW and he got traded to Smackdown which was shocking...

    That Johnny Knocksville guy guest hosted raw and beat the crap out of Ted Dibiase with his HAND prop that wacked Ted Jr.

    GOLDUST is Ted Dibiase + Maryse's STALKER... GOLDUST stole the Money Championship away from Ted Dibiase hehe.

    I forgot the other things suprisingly...

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    John Cena helped Wade Barrett win a shot at the WWE title!

    more info down here!.....

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