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Why is a citizenship card an invalid form of identification to write the LSAT?

I was scheduled to write the LSAT today and when I showed up with my government ID they told me that it was invalid....Canadian Citizenship card...the lady who was varifying ID said that she had never seen one before and called a colleague and determined that it was thing is that the citizenship card is probably one of the most important pieces of Id that I can have as an immigrant, it allows me to get other ID that they would have deemed valid "Passport, drivers license..."....why is this not considered valid...was scheduled to write today but rejected...based in canada

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    Carry your passport. The card was valid; the LSAT people are not state officials, they merely give tests. File a complaint with the Bar Association, demand a refund, if fees were lost. Also, write to your government officials, they will raise hell because they will feel insulted.

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    It could have been whoever was checking them was unfamiliar with the ID. In my experience it should have been accepted because they do except permanent resident cards. I am sorry this happened to you. I would suggest reporting it to whoever overseas the testing and tell them that it was unfair. Try to write it the next the next time its offered, and maybe call ahead to make sure that it will be accepted?

    To avoid this in the future maybe get an ID card for the DMV of your province as everyone is much more familiar with them so other people won't make this mistake again.

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