Do I have Marfan's Syndrome?

K so I had a physical a month ago before heading off to university and my doctor wanted to schedule an echocardiogram (test that uses sound waves to analyze the heart) to see if I have Marfan's (the disease carried by tall skinny people that can cause heart/spine/lung/eye problems). My doctor and my mom (who is a nurse) both don't think I have it but want to be sure anyways. I have one scheduled for December. Here are the symptoms and if I have them or not. I'm a guy by the way.

Very tall - yes (6'4", though people on both sides of my family are tall, although I am the tallest)

Very skinny - yes (32" waist, I eat extremely healthy)

Very flexible - yes (double jointed)

Long skinny arms/legs/fingers - yes (I have yet to meet a person with bigger hands then mine)

Arm span is bigger than height - maybe (I did a rough measurement with a tape measure and it said my arm span was 2" longer than my height but again it was rough)

Near Sighted - yes (although we think this is not due to the disease because a lot of people on both sides of my family wear glasses)

Stretch Marks not caused by obesity/pregnancy - yes (I have a couple on my lower back but we think that is due to the fact that I grew a few inches in one summer very quickly)

Flat feet - no

Irregular heartbeat/palpitations/murmur - no

Weak wrists - no (although I did break them snowboarding but just barely [hairline fracture caused by landing directly on them after losing balance])

Shortness of breath - no (except under intense physical exertion)

Weak ankles(rolling) - no

Dislocated lenses in the eye/cataracts/glaucoma - no

Curved palate in the mouth/crowded teeth - no (I have had braces though, not for crowding, for spacing)

Heart problems - no

Curved spine/hunched - no

Snoring/sleep apnea/lung problems - no (I get tired quickly if I run for extended periods of time, although I think this is due to the fact that I haven't trained my body to do that)

Family history - there is no history of Marfan's Syndrome in my family

Any insight or opinions are greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.


I live in Ontario, Canada

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    Since you are tall some of your measurements are in keeping with that. Yes I can see why the Dr. might of thought that but I'm not 100% convinced either. When you meet someone with Marfans you never forget them. I took care of a young man who had a few traits but he wasn't tall, his fingers weren't long but he was diagnosed with it. I have taken care of a man with Marfans whose fingers were so long they scared me when he reached for me one night. Yes you have some traits but your going to wait for your echo for confirmation.

    edit where in Canada do you live?

    Edit I just read your question again. The most serious problem with Marfan's is with your aorta and your aortic valve.. This is why you are having the echocardiogram.

    EDIT: I live in Toronto, Ontario

    Have you been referred to a cardiologist yet?

    Source(s): RN/CCU
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