OK, so if I signed a lease I'm obligated to move in there?

OK I am kinda scared about a phone call I just got. But, I will start from the beginning..

I decided to move out so I started looking for an apartment (my first time moving from home) and I found this amazing apartment. Well here we have this thing called social services it helps people who dont have a job yet. and my worker (i had him through my moms ODSP) said i would be able to apply for social services and they would help me get the apartment. but i called and they said they cant help me and they have never done that before. they said id have to pay my own first and last months rent before they can help me, now if i could pay my own first and last months rent all at once ($1000) then i really wouldnt need social services would I? now i been calling my worker for the last week (which has also failed to send me my bus pass to get to school im in college) but he has also failed to return all my calls or even emails. so now i have no way to get this apartment and no ones answering my calls so im unable to get any of this delt with. then just today I got a call from the apartment owner and she said im obligated to move in there because i signed a lease. please tell me what i can or should do about this =(

i really am kinda scared (oh and im 21 so im old enough to live on my own)


thats not really my point though i WANT to move in but without the help i cant..

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    Yes, you have to pay the rent. You signed a contract.

    They will end up suing you.

    You do not qualify for social services, your mother is disabled, not you.

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    You need to apply for Ontario Works. Once you move out of your moms, ODSP will not cover you for anything, they do not transfer you to your own ODSP. Once they heard you were moving out, they probably stopped the buspass.

    They were right that they do not give first and last to college students on OSAP

    If you are in college and on OSAP, you will not qualify for any social services at all. If OSAP did not gave you any living expenses(ask at your financial aid office if you are unsure) You will need to apply for that. If you already got living expenses from them, you are pretty much out of luck on that.

    There is something called the rent bank, ask your moms worker who administers it in your city. It is a loan for last months rent(not first month) that needs to be paid back over 6 months or a year. You need to be working for this though, so you may want to find a part time job.

    Apply for the work study program at school, apply for part time jobs ect, get a rooomate

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    Technically you're not obligated to MOVE IN, you're obligated to pay the rent for the length of the contract.

    You don't technically have to live there if you don't want to.

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