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Question for vegans working with vulnerable populations (e.g., seniors, children, etc.)...?

Do you get the flu shot (due to your employment with vulnerable individuals) or do you decline it on the basis that you are vegan? How did you reach your decision (i.e., to get the immunization or not)?

Also, if your company has a policy that requires you to get your flu shot and you chose not to, how did you deal with it?

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    I choose not to get the flu shot, not b/c of my vegetarianism, but b/c I try to limit the amount of unnecessary toxins to my body. I feel that as a healthy young individual it is unnecessary to get the flu shot. My body is healthy and capable of fighting off the flu. The last time I got the flu was my freshman year in college, so it has been quite awhile at this point.

    I work with young children, but all are old enough to receive the shot if their parents choose. If I worked with infant under 6 months, I may have considered getting one, since those children are unable to receive a flu shot. My biggest concern are the ferrets I own, as they are capable of catching the flu. I do however have a care plan for them if I were to catch the flu.

    Last year the company I worked for was able to get the first round of the over hyped H1N1 shot. Our position working with children, and our location made us high risk. Most people in the company declined, two people received it(only mild effects on one of them). Out of everyone in the company(including children), only one child got H1N1. I took the route of cleaning. No children in my classroom got the flu, or even the viruses that went around.

    I am proactive with keeping the flu at bay. I rarely get sick, so I don't worry about the flu either. I wash my hands, don't go touching everything, keep my classroom clean, etc.

    If my company had a policy that I needed the shot, I would question it. Unless I was working in a hospital, or with people with compromised immune systems, I would not get it, or at least require more explanation as to why it was mandatory. If it were mandatory b/c it could cost people their lives(sick, young infants, etc), I would most likely get it that year. I don't think the flu shot is going to cause some disease, or cancer, I just feel as if it is unnecessary(I won't even take Tylonol unless I have a really bad headache or pain). I would not want someone to die from the flu if they were to catch it from me, so that would be the only case where I would get it.

  • I worked in a hospital several years ago & the flu shot wasn't required then. I think it was just TB and something else...can't remember what, probably tetanus. But I refused the TB shot & all I had to do was sign a waiver of sorts. My mom works in the same hospital now as a CNA & the flu shot is "required", but if you refuse it, they just give you a prescription for Tamiflu which you're supposed to take (but my mom refuses & doesn't take the meds and she's a 60+ yr. old omnivorous 15 year breast cancer survivor who has also never had a flu shot or the flu). This past year with all the H1N1 bs, they were trying to make it so that if you work in a medical field & refused the flu shot, it would be grounds for dismissal in NY. I don't work in healthcare anymore, but I was one of the loudest fighting against that because it's just plain unconstitutional. I'm over 30, and I've never had a flu shot, nor have I ever had the flu. I don't refuse vaccinations because I'm vegan. I refuse them because they're completely unnecessary & toxic. Your immune system keeps you healthy, not chemicals. A healthy immune system comes from healthy eating/lifestyle. Beside that, no one is going to tell me what I should or should not put into my body.

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    I work around babies. I don't get flu shots. I doubt their effectiveness and if I were to know the most about any part of the body it would be immunity. Basically it boils down to how healthy your immune system is. A shot has no effect if your immune system is slacking. If it was near perfection then you wouldn't need a shot. Sadly these flu shots actually work less effectively on the people they were targeted for. Elderly have deteriorated immune systems and children have developing immune systems.

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    I'm vegan and I work with small children. I'm not required to have a flu vaccination for y job, but I do have one because I am a diabetic and therefore in the 'at risk' category.

    I wouldn't have one otherwise because there is little point if it isn't required for your job, and you're not elderly or at risk.

    But I'm very, very pro vaccination, and I don't consider myself any less of a vegan for that - the word 'vegan' is not synonymous with the word 'martyr', and sacrificing our health and that of family members is not required of us.

    One of the reasons I'm more pro vaccination than some other vegans posting here is probably that I'm old enough to remember the results of a world before vaccination was routine, before everyone was protected by the herd immunity provided by the majority who do get vaccinated, as vaccine refusers are now

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    I am a vegan and I got a flu shot this year because of my job. I work with a very medically fragile population that was hit hard last year by H1N1 (many of our residents were sick and unfortunately one passed away from the illness). As much as I care about animals and wish that a vegan version of the flu shot was available, if I can reduce the risk of transmitting flu viruses to the people I work with, I will.

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    I haven't gotten a flu shot in 7 years and have been vegan for 2 and vegetarian for about 4 years before that. I have never gotten the flu in my life and don't ever plan on getting it. If I wanted to get it I could start carrying hand sanitizer around with me and using it every 5 minutes and be unhealthy all the time by pumping myself full of drugs and eating dead animals and spaying various chemicals all around me all the time so everything is clean and sterile.

    That is the big problem we are living in a capitalist system where people are told to buy buy buy. So they do. We buy all sorts of cleaning products made from all sorts of chemicals to keep everything clean and sterile we freak out when someone coughs or we scramble when someone says buy this drug or vaccine or whatever it will save you. We have doctors who instead of just treating people naturally prescribe all sorts of drugs made by greedy companies in an attempt to make you "feel better". Flu season is just another great way too make some extra money. CVS and Riteaid and places like that can make a killing off of people duped into getting shot up with drugs. It works for heroin and cocaine dealers why not do it for legal drugs too! "Hey man, try this coke it will make you feel better, cure what ails you"(wink wink)

    We need to build up our immune systems not shield them every time a germ lurks in the shadows. I haven't been seriously ill in probably 10 years or more and it is because I have been building my immune system up so I can stay healthy.

    If I get a cold (which is a rarity) I make a soup with ginger and garlic and hot pepper and a little rice wine vinegar some soy sauce and add plenty of dark leafy greens. I don't freak out I just deal with it for the few days it is there and then go on living life like normal. I don't take a bunch of drugs and freak out I just eat plenty of natural foods that will help me get better, get some sleep and relax.

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