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Is there anyway to know if your asthma inhaler is expired without checking the dates?

I was wondering if there will be any change that tells you your puffer is expired. I am using my second salbutamol inhaler and I feel like the taste of the inhaler in different from what I had!!! I mean when I am exhaling after using my inhaler, I usually feel a weird taste but not with this new inhaler. Could it be expired?

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    If there is no taste is probably means that there is no longer medication in your inhaler. When the medication runs out there still tend to be some repellent left in the canister so you can still puff it but will have no benefit. You need to fill your prescription as soon as possible.

    HFA and CFCs won't change the taste of your medication, it will only change how powerful of a puff you have. Many people prefer the CFC but next year they will no longer be in production.

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  • Dave
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    There is a transition going on, apparently in Canada and other countries, to HFA inhalers rather than CFC inhalers. They won't be available in the US until 2012, due to patent restrictions. You might want to check and see if your new inhaler is of the HFA type. That might account for the change in taste. Take it to your druggist and ask them to check it.

    This is interesting. I just looked at my inhaler, which is brand new, and it's of the HFA type (which,as I said, shouldn't be available in the US until 2012). The VA here must be buying them from a Canadian source. A lot of generic medications are produced in Canada because you guys can apparently do it cheaper. I don't know anymore.

    Anyway, my inhaler expires in two years, so if your inhaler is newer than two years it's probably good. But check with the pharmacist. Expired albuterol just doesn't work as well. It's not as if it will have any negative effects.

  • Anonymous
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    I don't think there's a change in taste, I use symbicort and bricanyl turbohalers and they taste the same even after expiration.

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