I've been scammed by craigslist what do I do ?

I've recently been looking on craigslist for an apartment and ive found one that is owned by a person who is looking for people to rent it while they are out of canada. They claimed that they had to move out of canada to nigeria for work. i sent them the first time 500$ deposit and then the second time they call me and tell me they need another 500$ because theyr lawyer wants to see if a student can actually pay. So i sent them the 500$ and now its 1000$. So yesterday they call again and ask for a deposit !!!! I am sitting in tears how can I get my money back. I paid them through western union. Please HELP !!! :(

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    You can't - that's why scammers always ask for Western Union. Because there is NO way for you to get your money back. You have NO protection. And since the scammers are in Nigeria, Canadian law enforcement has no jurisdiction and the Nigerian police won't do anything. You can report this to whichever agency in Canada investigates internet crime (I think it's RECOL) https://www.recol.ca/intro.aspx and tell your story to prevent others from becoming victims, but unfortunately you cannot get any money back. Also report the posting to the site where it was listed to get it removed

    There is NO apartment - this is a very common Nigerian scam. They stole pictures of an actual apartment off some estate agent's site, set up a fake listing, and are scamming as many people as they can with the same story.

    Going forward NEVER pay money for anything you have not seen - at least 75% of places listed on Craigslist seem to be scams exactly like this. If you can't see the actual apartment do not send money. Don't believe anyone is overseas - if they were really out of the country they wouldn't post on Craigslist. They would have a property management company handling the apartment, or ask a friend or family member to do so,.

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    you may no longer do something in case you sent funds through economic business enterprise pass. Craigslist is barely for head to head funds transactions or you're constantly being scammed. There aer NO exceptions. examine Craigslist's rip-off warnings internet site - it won't be able to be any clearer. Any time you may no longer meet the broking in individual and consider the object before you pay in funds, you're being scammed each time.

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    You're not going to get your money back. Everyone and their cousin knows better than to deal with anyone in NIgeria, especially by Western Union.

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    Craisgslist didnt scam you , the Nigerian did.

    You have no recourse.

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