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Statistics-- mean, standard deviation, etc? 10 points WILL be rewarded!!?

Consider a data set x1, x2, ..., xn. A linear transformation y = a + bx is made on each of the xi

values to create a new data set y1, y2, ..., yn.

a) How are the values of the sample statistics between the y and x data sets related for

each of the following statistics: (i) mean, (ii) median, (ii) mode, (iv) range, (v)

variance, (vi) standard deviation?

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    (i) mean of y = a + b(mean of x)

    (ii) median of y = a + b(median of x)

    (iii) mode of y = a + b(mode of x)

    (iv) y range = a + b(x range)

    (v) y variance = a^2 + (b^2)(x SD)^2 + 2ab (x SD)

    (vi) y SD = a + b(x SD)

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    The propose is two.05 baskets: (one million(25) + 2(a hundred and ten) + 3(34))/ 169 The inhabitants in many circumstances happening deviation is 0.40 8: it fairly is calculated by computing the gap of each and every documents factor from the propose, squaring the end results of each and every, computing the common of those values and taking the sq. root of this.

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    i. mean is b{x}+a, as is median and mode.

    range is going to be b * initial range

    standard deviation = b * original sd

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