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HELPP ME PLEAASEEEE! do i have diabetes or leukemia?

Hi, im a 15 year old girl and im a hypochondraic. Which means im scared of having deseeases. In july of this year, my dad had a stroke, and he was in the hospital for a month recovering, and now hes is pretty much back to normal, but he stilll needs to get his liscence back to be able to work. Now during this month i was very stressed and scared for my dad, and it turns out he is very healthy and the doctors cant figure out how he got the stroke cause he is very healthy. And since i was stressed i was also depressed and now i keep getting worried and scared that i might have diabetes or leukemia.

My blood pressure is normal, and there is nobody in my family who has leukemia or diabetes, or any other deseases. Im a tad underweight i just need to gain like 4 pounds to be healthy weight. I dont frequently use the bathroom, and im not thirsty, but i keep looking up leukemia and diabetes symptoms and my body scares itself into thinking i do have it. Im really scared, im a healthy girl, i play sports, i eat healthy i dont overload on candy. And also since i have a cold, i fear its leukemia. Also on school nights, i stay up till 12 on my ipod watching videos on youtube. and im tired all day. Should i be doing this? Someone hellp!

also i got my perdio this year and i missed 2 months, is this a symptom?

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    You don't get leukemia or diabetes from being stressed out. Sure, it might be a contributing factor, but you NEED other factors in there. For example, do you consume A LOT of sugar? That is a huge contributing factor to Type 2 diabetes. Also, being overweight is another.

    From what you describe, I highly doubt that you have either of those. All I can suggest is that you just calm down, take a breath, and make sure you take good care of your body. It sounds like you're just overreacting a little bit. Don't eat too much bad food (although you can consume them as "sometimes" treats). Exercise regularly, eat healthy. Staying up late won't really cause anything, but it can make you irritable. Early nights are GOOD for dealing with stress, so staying up until 12 probably didn't help your stress levels.

    Also, missing a period is normal when you first get it, it's always irregular at the start. After a year or so, it should start to settle down.

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    Diabetes can NOT be diagnosed using only symptoms. You need one or two blood tests. First, ask for an A1C test, This is a very simple blood test that most doctors can do in their office. Normal readings are between 5 and 6. If your reading is between 5 and 6 you are probably NOT diabetic. If yor reading is above 7, the doctor should perform a Glucose Tolerance Test. This is more complicated, and requires you to be in the doctor office for 3-4 hours. The Glucose Tolerance Test will tell you definately, yes or no, if you have diabetes. If the A1C test is above 7 but the Glucose Tolerance Test says NO, then you may be HYPERGLYCEMIC. You need to make changes in your diet, like stop eating junk food and sweets --especially soda pop, sports drinks, and energy drinks. If the A1C test is below 5, then you might be HYPOGLYCEMIC. This means that you don't have enough sugar in your blood. You need to eat a better diet, and maybe eat a bit more than usual. Maybe gain some weight. You symptoms sound a lot like HYPOGLYCEMIA -- especially the dizzyness, mental frustration, and blurred vision. You may be drinking more because its hot, and peeing more because you are drinking more. DIABETES CANNOT BE DIAGNOSED FROM SYMPTOMS ALONE. Your grandma's blood test meter will NOT tell you what you need to know. Everybody's blood sugar varies wildly from minute to minute. You NEED the A1C test first, and ONLY a doctor can do that.

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    You need to be checked by a doctor to know if you have any sort of disease. Please go see a doctor if your worried for the doctor is truely the only one who can really answer this questions. Not strangers on the internet. We can't possiably tell you yes or no. Please get checked ok. For your health.

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    No matter what you have , just keep your mind and happy every day!

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