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Why is everyone so concerned with bullying?

its not a new thing.

There are bullies everywhere, from the day you start school, until you die.

Your friends can be bullies, and you bet your boss will be one too.

All these people standing up against bullies is great - but I don't think it's going to help the ppl being bullied (which is everyone). Its human nature.

What do people think is going to change?


and for children especially who intervene between kids - your kids need to learn to defend themselves, or they could end up unable to cope in the real world when they have to deal with confrontation or a bully.

Update 2:

There is always someone treating you that way.

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    Bullying is the darling topic of the media at the moment thanks to stupid bullies taping themselves for the media to show for ratings, and kids killing themselves for Nancy Grace et al to exploit. As a former classroom teacher I've seen bullying and as a kid I've been bullied, and for someone to just say that "they have to deal," is easier than to actually have a bullied child actually successfully deal and cope. I've had to disarm kids who have brought pocket knives, cork screws, and once a chunk of cement to school all in the name of defending themselves from bullies. Those kids weren't dealing and they weren't coping. They felt like the only alternative was to physically harm their tormentors in a big way in order to get them to stop.

    It is not wise nor is it humane to stand back and let someone be tormented until they are left for another victim, end up psychologically damaged, or feel forced to break open the skull of their tormentor with a chunk of cement to make it stop. Ironically it is usually the bully who is in more danger from their victim. The victim will be more likely to bring a gun to a fist fight than the other way around. Back someone in a corner and scare them enough and you can see all kinds of ugly.

    There are programs in schools for bullying as a result of everyone being so concerned with bullying thanks to the media. Standing up against bullies is only part of that picture. These programs address the roles of victim, bully, and the complicity of their peers. Studies have shown that schools that implement these programs see a marked decrease in bullying.

  • Erin L
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    The thing is, when it's adults harrassing other adults, they can seek legal options, get a restraining order, go to the proper authority in a workplace, etc. But, when children do it to other children, who are not equipped to handle it all by themselves, it's seen as part of coming of age.

    I do think you're right that kids need to learn skills to protect themselves and make it less likely that they'll be a victim of a bully. But, they need adults to help them learn that. And bullies need adults to help them learn how to treat others and help them have social skills that will benefit them the rest of their lives. We are not being responsible adults if we just turn a blind eye. I am a teacher and see bullying and the consequences to kids every day. It's not a trivial matter.

  • Anonymous
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    I was bullied daily for 4 years and it was the worst time of my life. Everyday I was tormented because I wasn't pretty enough or cool enough and it made me miserable. I dreaded going to school and eventually fell into a deep depression that later turned into anorexia. I have no self-confidence because of it. I'm still scarred and it was 12 years ago. No one deserves to be treated that way.

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    Because it is leading many people to suicide. It's getting worse.

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