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Umm..why do my bearded dragons keep burying their dishes?

Our bearded dragons keep digging in their calcium sand. they dig in it so much that the sand ends up in their dishes, in their lettuce, fruit/meal worms/crickets/grasshopper, and water dish. they fill up their dishes so much with the sand they dont have enough to drink cause they fill up their water dish and they usually end up burying their food too. oh and they keep trying to climb the side of the tank. this is our first time owning bearded dragons, so im just curious if theres something wrong here? and if theres a way to break them of this habit.

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    They live in constant fear you are going to take them out and clean them and they dont like that so they are trying to hide them from you

    Source(s): I use to be a lizard
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    there really isn't a way to to stop them unless you put in a substrate they cant dig in like repti carpet

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