babyboo_17 asked in PetsReptiles · 1 decade ago my bearded dragons just had ~TWENTY~ babies!!!..?

So im curious what should i know and watch for? i already separated the parents and shes already buried her eggs in the sand and shes relaxing oh and another thing is it normal for the male to get all depressed after we take him out the tank?

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    Eggs are very unlikely to hatch if just left in the tank with the female.

    Then, on the off chance that they do hatch, they would very quickly be eaten by the adult in the same tank....

    If you do want the eggs to hatch then you would be far better off keeping them in an incubator - either buying one or making your own (which isnt too difficult. I've used a cool bag with a heatmat and a box of damp vermiculite to hatch 6 leopard geckos so far)

    It might be too late for the eggs now anyways, but for a better chance of hatching you really would need an incubator.

    Check out this DIY one :)

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    Wait for it to hatch and when it does, take care of it but be careful the other doesn't eat the babies.

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