Can someone help with my pokemon team?

i have a start to a new pokemon team, but im really not sure as what to do i already have 3 pokemon fully done and ready.


EV 252 spA

252 spe

4 hp

leaf storm

dragon pulse




EV 232 atk

232 spA

24 spe

20 hp


extreme speed

dragon pulse



EV 252 spA

100 spe

100 hp

52 spD





I just need 3 more ideas for the next 3 pokemon, and any suggestions on something that you see I have maybe already made a mistake with, soo yea i'd like to hear any suggestions and thanks for answering :)

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    you do not need any help you are awesome.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    any balanced team is good

    as long as the they dont share a common weakness to one another

    ex :dragonite , metagross , feraligatr and gengar put together dont share a weakeness to one type but to nomerous ones each uneffected by the others weak pionts

    if u need any starters or legendaries like mewtwo or mudkip

    just hit me back , cuz im willing to trade any of them for a milotic or a feebas

    legendaries and starters i have at the moment are

    Lugia , mewtwo dialga , rotom , palkia , giratina , ho-oh ,

    Squirtle , charmander , bulbasaur , chikorita , cyndaquil , totodile , mudkip , turtwig , chimchar, piplup .

    As for any other pokemon…. There are just to many to count ..ex: raichu , dragonite , tyranitar , metagross , gengar , alakazam , dratini , larvitar , espeon , Eevee , ditto , bronzong , gallade , typhlosion , shuckle , slaking , arcanine , salamence , lucario…..ect

    If you can mention one , I probobly have it , if not ill get it .

    My email is or which ever u prefer

  • 10 years ago




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