What are some scary events that happened in Canada?

ive tried to google stuff but cant find anything good. i need something that happened that was scary or horrible in canada sometime in the past. thanks for your help :)

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    October Crisis was a series of events triggered by two kidnappings of government officials by members of the Front de libération du Québec (FLQ) during October 1970 in the province of Quebec, mainly in the Montreal metropolitan area.

    Aurore Gagnon (May 31, 1909 - February 12, 1920), was a victim of child abuse in the town of Fortierville, Quebec. She died of exhaustion and blood poisoning from some 52 wounds inflicted by her stepmother, Marie-Anne Houde, and her father, Télesphore Gagnon.

    Duplessis Orphans (French: les Orphelins de Duplessis) were the victims of a scheme in which several thousand orphaned children were falsely certified as mentally ill by the government of the province of Quebec, Canada, and confined to psychiatric institutions.

    Saguenay Flood (French: Déluge du Saguenay) was a series of flash floods that hit the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region of Quebec, Canada on July 19 and 20, 1996. It was the biggest overland flood in 20th century Canadian history.

    Denis Lortie is a former Canadian army corporal. In 1984, he stormed into the National Assembly of Quebec building and killed three Quebec government employees.

    Marc Lépine (October 26, 1964 – December 6, 1989) was a 25-year-old man from Montreal, Canada who murdered fourteen women and wounded ten women and four men at the École Polytechnique, an engineering school affiliated with the Université de Montréal, in the "École Polytechnique massacre", also known as the "Montreal Massacre".

    Dawson college shooting. Kimveer Gill, a 25 year-old resident of Laval, Quebec entered the school armed with a variety of guns, including a Beretta Cx4 Storm semi-automatic pistol-caliber carbine with a black synthetic stock. Gill began firing on students outside of the entrance and again in the Atrium, before committing suicide after being shot by police. Some witnesses reported to having seen a second gunman, a claim that has later proven incorrect by local police. There has been one victim who has died, 18-year-old female student Anastasia Rebecca de Sousa, as well as 19 other injured, 8 of them critically.

    North American ice storm of 1998 (also known as Great Ice Storm of 1998 and Great Ice Storm '98) was a massive combination of five smaller successive ice storms which combined to strike a relatively narrow swath of land from eastern Ontario to southern Quebec to Nova Scotia in Canada, in January 1998. It caused massive damage to trees and electrical infrastructure all over the area, leading to widespread long-term power outages. Millions were left in the dark for periods varying from days to weeks, leading to more than 30 fatalities, a shut down of activities in large cities like Montreal and Ottawa, and an unprecedented effort in reconstruction of the power grid.

    David Russell Williams, (born March 7, 1963), often referred to as Colonel Russell Williams, is a Canadian murderer, serial rapist, and Colonel in the Canadian Air Force. From July 2009 to his arrest in February 2010, he commanded Canadian Forces Base Trenton, a hub for air transport operations in Canada and abroad and the country's largest and busiest airbase. Williams was also a decorated military pilot who had flown Canadian Forces VIP aircraft for Canadian dignitaries such as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, the governor general, the prime minister, and others.

    Paul Kenneth Bernardo, (born August 27, 1964 in Toronto, Ontario), is a Canadian serial killer and rapist, known for the murders he committed with his wife Karla Homolka and the serial rapes he committed in Scarborough.

    Karla Leanne Homolka, also known as Karla Leanne Teale (born 4 May 1970 in Port Credit, Ontario, Canada), is a Canadian convict who attracted worldwide media attention when she was convicted of manslaughter following a plea bargain in the 1991 rape-murders of two Ontario teenage girls, Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French, as well as the rape and death of her own sister Tammy.

    The list goes on

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    The Halifax explosion blew the entire north end of Halifax off the earth in the first world war.

    There have been several Canadian Serial Killers in Canada, Mr Picton is only the most recent. What about Mr Ng?

    There area a few haunted houses across Canada.

    The Brutality of the catholic schools against the natives

    The sexual atrocity of the catholic leaders against young Catholics

    The treatment of Japanese Canadians during the second world war in Canada.

    The Shootings in Montreal schools and other places.

    and so on....are you sure you really tried to find horrible stuff? There was a lot of it I'm sad to say.

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    There is nothing big scary horrible events happened in Canada for the last over 20 years.

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    Well, Canada also faced the Cuban missile crisis like the U.S. and they had some bomb shelters made too. There was also a massive explosion in the Halifax harbour long ago, but it was no attack, an accidental gunpowder and ammunitions blowing up in a ship (very strong explosion like a volcano that destoryed Halifax). But pretty much, nothing very serious happens that often. hurricanes go to the eastern maritimes, wildfires in british colombia, an odd Russian jet that comes near the arctic once in while, and recently the war in Afghanistan and a minority government.

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    1. The Americans tried to Conquer Canada in the revolutionary War.

    2. The Americans tried to Conquer Canada in the War of 1812.

    3. Irish terrorists call Fenian's invaded in 1840's(?)

    4. Robert Pickford picked up dozens of prostitutes in BC. He killed them and fed the bodies to his pigs.

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    Look up WWI casualty figures for Canada. Find out why Remembrance Day is still such a solemn observance. There are a lot of little towns there that have a monument to a large percentage of their entire male population at the time. Sometimes they were all killed on the same day, at Ypres or Passchendaele or the Somme.

    Could be worse. Could be Newfoundlanders.

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    The Cold War, especially with the Soviets holding a bomb over North America's head, and the US not getting along with Canada through the entire era.

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    How far in the past? The Russell Williams trial going on currently has some pretty scary stuff in it.

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    Well, the very first high-school shooting happened in Canada. I happened to be walking into the hallway when it started. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Centennial_Secondary_...

    One of the worst marine disasters happened in the St. Lawrence River.. http://www.sea-viewdiving.com/shipwreck_info/empre... The sinking of the CP Empress of Ireland.

    There was the explosion in Halifax Harbour http://museum.gov.ns.ca/mma/AtoZ/HalExpl.html

    There's Hurricane Hazel http://www.hurricanehazel.ca/

    How horrible do you want? What kind of horrible?

    Try these web-sites...






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    Justin Bieber

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    Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka.

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