I want professional answers only. I'm dead serious about this. Help?

Okay I've been thinking about a lot of things and what has happened to me. I want real answers not childish ones thank you.

So I've been interested in things like TAPS and Ghost Lab. I try to catch every episode. I thought to myself one night. What if I could do that? Well, I can. But I don't know where to start besides getting members. After that I don't know what I should do about equipment, getting locations, and the list goes on. So my question to you is this. Where do I start? I've seen some pretty interesting stuff and I have an interesting ability. I'm great at being able to tell just where energies are. Meaning I can tell you where a spirit is if it's close enough. Give you a full description and be almost dead on. For instance. I went to a graveyard with some neighbors once and we did some snooping around and some people that were already there told me about having an experience. Mind I've never seen these people in my life before. I walked in the graveyard and asked them if they'd seen a little girl before. Gave the description and was on the dot. Next I told one of them his name before he even said it. Before anyone said it. I heard someone tell me it but it was in an area where no one was.

So I figured putting this ability to good use would be a great idea. Where do I start with an investigation team?


I'm willing to go just about anywhere that's within reasonable driving distance of Elizabethtown KY. But good idea. I'll check up about the Grant and Jason thing

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    I wonder if you could write to Jason or Grant from Ghosthunters and ask their advice?

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