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What can I do to Strengthen my warrior deck Yugioh?

How can I make my Warrior deck better yugioh?

I need some major help with my warrior deck. I cant seem to see the flaws in it but maybe the internet can. I have a 41 card deck 20 monster 12 spell cards and 9 trap cards. Please don't tell me either A) that traditional format is bad and I shouldn't be playing that way; B) That I should add syncro and tuner monsters to my deck; C) That I should take out Banned cards for the sake that there banned. Don't bother writing me anything if part/all of your answer falls into the A/B/C category. If you write a recommendation please put some detail and reasons why I should change it.


Command Knight x3

D.D. Warrior Lady

Mystic Swordsman Lv 2

Mystic Swordsman Lv 4

Search Striker

E hero Wildheart

Marauding Captain x2

Goblin Attack Force

Obnoxious Celtic Gaurd

Amazoness Sage

Amazoness Trainee

Amazoness Swords Woman

Don Zaloog

Koa'ki Meiru Bergzak

Tribute Monsters

Mystic Swordsman Lv 6

Amazoness Queen

E hero Bladedge


Mystical space typhoon

My Body as a Shield

Monster Reborn

The Warrior Returning Alive

Pot of Greed

Reinforcement of the Army



Change of Heart

Graceful Charity

Heavy Storm

Axe of Despair


Magic Jammer

Mirror Force

Nightmare Wheel

Seven Tools of the Bandit

Bottomless Trap Hole

Draining Shield


Magic Cylinder

Torrential Tribute

Thanks guys in advance for all your tips and advice.

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    Favorite Answer in order to not be in ur A,B,C catagories i will say this.....

    If you are making a warrior deck ALWAYS try to start with a main balance of monsters....ex: all Amazones, all D.D., all E-hero...etc...But u can bypass that strategy depending on wat monsters u use and the EFFECTS of those monsters. =)....SO with that being said i suggest this...

    - SUBTRACT -

    Mystic Swordsman Lv 2

    Mystic Swordsman Lv 4

    Mystic Swordsman Lv 6....these 3 are good but have a FATAL FLAW! If u use their effect u CANNOT lv them up because the monster they destroy is not considered destroyed by battle. It is destroyed by the cards effect and this makes it hard for them to be utilized properly...the silent swords are much much better.

    Amazoness Sage

    Amazoness Trainee

    Amazoness Swords Woman....These Amazoness cards are best used if they have a deck built around them with support and other amazones, this culd be one reason why ur deck is having trouble.

    Amazoness Queen

    E hero Bladedge.....Niether are needed trust me!

    Tribute Monsters???...please explain this one to me? this a monster or are u saying that in general??


    Turret Warrior...for a special summon combo with ur whole deck, but especially with a Marauding Captain coupling because u can use Marauding Captain and then tribute him to have a 2400atk monster plus watever else u specialed.....maybe even 2 of this monster

    Silent Swordsman lv 3,5,7...these will take up for ur Mystic swords and they cant be affected by spells and also they negate spells as well.

    Freed the Matchless General....unaffected by Spells and warrior draw power

    Field Commander Rahz....he searches for a warrior to top deck. Very good in a pinch and decent atk and def.

    ..........the rest of the monsters are up to u and ur fighting style...BUT i honestly would side deck Don Zaloog depending on who u fight and Maybe pitch 1 Command Knight.

    since ur useing forbids. on ur mag. and traps...i would say maybe a Solemn Judgment and/or D-pris for traps...and Solidarity and Burden of the Mighty for mags....and pitch Axe....because they would take care of any atk for u and ur opponent....I hope u enjoyed and accepted the knowledge i have given.

    Source(s): BEEN PLAYING SINCE THE GAME BEGAN AND HAVE A SUCCESSFUL WARRIOR BUILD. I <3 Warriors!!! Check my deck out on my actually trynna change it into sumthing EVEN BETTER!!! lol....
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    Um ok if you run tradiational everyones deck starts looking like this 20-30 cards that are the same

    Chaos cards

    magician of faith



    pot of greed

    graceful charity


    harpies feather duster


    ring of destruction

    not that many banned traps but yeah

    ok do you realize how cray decks these days would be with all those banned cards let me tell you its none at all

    As far as youre deck its weak run solidarity. dont use level monsters they are slow. find better spells and traps like bbok of moon and solem judgement. Btw tuners and synchros kick butt a few formats ago there was a synchro deck that could consistenly pull off one turns kills all the time and there was DAD tele and such banned cards are banned for a reason

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  • 10 years ago

    You only need 1 Mystic Swordsman i think lvl 2

    and no E heros unless bladedge

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