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What are the steps of getting into medical school?

after high school.

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    In the UK the conventional method is as listed:

    1) Choose four AS subjects at A Level. Try to include biology and chemistry (and if you are considering Oxbridge applications, consider physics and maths as well)

    2) Pick three out of your four A Levels to continue studying in your second year. (Biology and chemistry are preferred, some universities also like a non-science subject)

    3) Book and sit the UKCAT exam.

    4) Write a personal statement.

    5) Apply to medical schools by the 15th October via Including your personal statement in your application. (Pay the £19 fee!!). Also at this point, select which four medical schools you would like to apply to.

    6) If you're lucky enough you'll be invited to an interview . Dress smart, read up on health-related news, smile and give it your all.

    7) Achieve at least AAB in your A Levels.

    8) You're in! Now the real "fun" begins!

    Good luck. Also if you're don't mean UK medical schools, I suggest you write your question on Yahoo US and Canada Answers as this will all mean nothing to you.

    Hope all goes well! :-)

    EDIT: Just seen you originally posted this question on Yahoo Canada. I'm sorry that I haven't helped you. Hopefully my answer may help prospect British Med Students though!

    Sorry I couldn't have been more help.

    Source(s): UEA Medical Student
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