Should I not break my promise with my customer?

There's a guy who I found on Craigslist that wanted to buy all three cellphone and he wanted a discount so we gave him one. One hour I was supposed to meet up wit him to sell him the 3 cellphones a women was also willing to buy all three without discount (90 dollars) and also when I got home I have a lot of people willing to pay for the 100 or 90 dollars price instead of 85 dollar per cellphone price I am giving him. So when I met up with the guy he wanted to pay 250 instead of 255. Then he put the missing 5 dollar on top of the stack of money the my mom counted the money and the stack of money was MISSING 100 dollar. He says oh wrong pocket it was my other pocket that had 250 or 255. He knows how to unlock the cellphones (I know how to do it too just in theory) he says it is for his relatives but it is obvious he will be selling it. By the way these customers are through craigslist so I can easily create a new email with a new identity so my business would still be alright so nothing about the reputation besides I don't sell things a lot. I wanted to call him and cancel the meeting but my parents said something about I made a promise I shouldn't cancel it. Is it wrong to cancel the meeting before I met him? What about when he tried to cheat me 100 dollars is that still the right time to cancel the deal. I am just wondering is it alright to have cancelled the whole meeting all together in the first place. What is the code of business ethnics especially on Craigslist.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You already said your answer-he tried to cheat you $100! He's a creep, a snake, a shyster. You get one chance in life to make a good impression. He blew his 1 chance, move on to others who will probably be just like him, but maybe not. Screw that guy, go get your money. He had his chance, you don't need to be doing business with people like that.

    No code of business ethics applies here. It's Craigslist, you're lucky he didn't murder you. :(

    Your parents sound old school, they don't get it. Look out for you, because you're the only one who will.

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    1 decade ago

    It's craigslist, anything goes really. If the person is trying to scam you, drop them like a hot potato. Do NOT deal with those kind of people or else it will nip you in the butt sooner or later. You said he already tried to cheat you out of 100$, then he is most likely going to try and cheap out again. You have many other interested customers, just say you sold it, bye. =P

    Good luck!! Craigslist is full of creepers and scammers so be careful!

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