what was russia before it was communist?

was it fascist or socialist? or something else? because of the russian revolution when the czars got exicuted russia changed.

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    Russia was for nearly all of its history, an authoritarian country. This dates far, far back, to the time of the Mongol Empire. The Mongols, after the death of Genghis Khan were not as outgoing as they had been in the past. Their empire was eroding because of the number of cultures they had to subdue. In the case of Russia and far eastern Europe, the Mongols installed princes to keep order among those portions of the empire. The most favored of these would be granted the right to collect all the taxes in eastern Europe that the Mongols held and would be allowed a larger army. Modern day Russia traces back to Muscowy, the city state that eventually became this most favored city.

    Muscowy eventually gathered enough of its own strength over the other provinces and loosely united them under the control of Muscowy which was then under the power of the Mongols. Muscowy, in the end, had enough strength and broke away from the Mongols. Since that point, Russia has been authoritarian for nearly its entire lifespan.

    During WWI, Russia was the last country that did not really modernize effectively or liberalize the general population. There was still one man in command of the entire country and any attempts at reform were halfhearted and meant only to give some semblance of progress. The one chance Russia had a liberal form of government with an effective, independent legislative branch was assassinated in the late 1800s. So Russia remained nothing more than a dictatorship until 1917.

    In 1917, Russia was in the WWI, they had launched an offensive that crippled the Austrians, albeit at the cost of millions of lives, but now they were being defeated by Germany and the country was in no shape to fight back any longer. The Czar was overthrown and his family executed.

    For only a few months, Russia had a liberal government. The reason for its failure was it listened to it's allies and stayed in the war. This, obviously, was wildly unpopular and it was then overthrown by the Bolsheviks who held power until 1991.

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    For about 7 months before it was in theory a liberal democracy (although the Provisional Government that overthrew the Czar in Match 1917 hadn't had time to hold elections before the Bolshevik Revolution. Previous to that, it was an Absolute Monarchy ruled by autocratic Czars.

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    After the Czars were executed (1917) there was a popular government but a tussle ensued between Mensheviks and Bolsheviks. Mensheviks were a liberal kind of party while Bolsheviks were Marxist in idelogy. Mensheviks were dominant and they continued the WW II, that entered its third year. People were against it, Bolsheviks took advantage of it and overthrew the Mensheviks assuming total power.

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    Russia was a monarchy, with the last tsar Nicolas II. It was not that industrialised and progressive but was still vary powerful.

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    They were neither. Imperial Russia was an absolute monarchy, which is politically closer to fascism, but not the same.

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    it was controlled by czar nicholas II. he wasn't with any party.

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