Need a little help with the first doctor visit stuff with pregnancy?

Okay so we got a + test finally. Well here's the thing. My fiance says they have to have her take another test before they can even think about giving her an ultrasound or anything. Is this true? I've never had to deal with this part before. So any advice? Anything I should/shouldn't have to worry about?


Not worried she's lying I seen the pic of the positive test. I'm just worried that when we go to the docs it will come up as a false negative and she is and then we won't get the help we need.

Update 2:

By the way she's already felt light kicking in her lower stomach area, and some other things that don't come until 2nd trimester. So we think she's pretty far along.

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    1 decade ago
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    I didn't have to have another test before my scan.... but in some places they do require a blood test as confirmation of pregnancy

    Oh and they would NEVER give a pap smear to a pregnant woman.... as this will cause miscarriage

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    they ll give her another test to make sure then she will probably get blood work to see how her levels are. that way they can see how far along she is. they normally don't do ultrasounds until your about 9 weeks or above. just relax and everything will go smooth!

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    when i was pregnant i had a blood test done the same day as my first ultrasound to determine how far along i was.

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    They will give her another test and will probally do a pap smear. Congrats and Good luck. Its really not that bad!

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  • 1 decade ago

    well they have to find out if shes really prego but why are you worried do you think shes lieing

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