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Why does the NFC have more mediocre teams than the AFC?

There arent any teams in the NFC that stand out and quite a few in the AFC.






And combined, these teams are undefeated against the NFC this season.

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    Let's blame Roger Goodell.

    Seriously, the Cowboys used to be the TEAM TO BEAT in the NFC, but actually the blame for their last two tumultuous seasons can only go to Jerry Jones - he refuses to get a Coach with a spine that can handle all that talent. Also, the Packers haven't been too shabby over the years. They used to bring excitement and intrigue to their games. The Eagles have always been competitive, well until Playoff time - then McNabb would somehow, someway disappear. But, overall, I think the NFC is as competitive as the AFC. You are looking at the 5-1 starts. Also, keep in mind that several of those games could have gone either way for several of those teams (i.e., Detroit Lions - they could have easily been 4-2 in VERY CLOSE GAMES AND A BAD CALL ON A TD; Pittsburgh Steelers - they could have easily been 4-2; they really had a call go their way in Week 7 that determined the game).

    All in all, this NFL season is good; very interesting to say the least.

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    Good point.

    Only the NFC East is particularly good in my opinion.


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