I'm 17 and I need a way to get scholarships?

I have been to college before but I've never even seen a scholarship form. I don't even know where to start. Much less how to get one for the course I want to take. Which is Culinary Arts, I want to open my own restaurant eventually. I know they have scholarships for just about anything. I need to know where to start for applying for scholarships. I desperately need it for I will not be able to rely on my parents to pay for my college. I can't afford loans so yeah. Does anyone have any advice on where I should start? Are there scholarships for 17 year old former college students? GED holders? Anything?


That's the thing. I've been searching for 4 hours on Google and haven't found a thing. I would use my sources but they are closed right now and won't be open for a while.

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    Don't go to school for culinary arts... didn't you ever see Ratatouille? Anyone can cook and you don't have to pay a small fortune for someone to teach you. Go to college and major in Business, this will teach you everything you need to do to run and own your own Business... You won't need a degree or certificate in culinary arts to hire yourself. LOL

    You get scholarships by having an awesome GPA and high admission test scores (ACT/SAT). You also will have the best luck by talking to the SCHOOLS you are considering. They usually offer scholarships to their students. Most online scholarships are scams and only there to take your info so they can spam you.

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    Fastweb could be effectual, yet examine along with your college's counseling workplace. our college/community, in northwest Montana (the entire state has fewer than a million million human beings, just to furnish attitude) supplies over $2 million in scholarships each and each 12 months. you would be surprised what share community-subsidized scholarships are obtainable. Your college counseling or profession center could be a great source.

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    Easy: Google search. Talk to your advisors. Come on, kid, use your resources. There are literally thousands of scholarships in each field, and I bet you qualify for over half of them.

    Answer mine? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=ArmF2...

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