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Who would you rather have on a team Kevin Durant or Dwight Howard ?

and why ?

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    Kevin Durant, mainly from what I've seen in attitude. Dwight Howard is an incredible center- possibly the best in the game right now, but it seems to me his biggest priority is for people to know how good HE is. Kevin Durant's first priority seems to be in people knowing how good his TEAM is, and you can't find that in a lot of players. He has the rare ability to make everyone else on his team better.

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    On my team? I would say Kevin Durant. The only thing that is missing in Durant's game is his defense, and that is NOT because he is not capable of playing it. He doesnt play D, because he's focus on playing in offense. But if you have Durant's length and size, you're defense will be like Trevor Ariza,according to Phil Jackson "stealth like". You can build your team around Durant. Give Durant a strong center, and a descent PF he will take your team to the next level. Right now he got Westbrook, and the only thing missing for OKC is the inside presence.

    Dont get me wrong, Howard is a great player but according to experts and scouts Dwight is not fully matured yet. Last years playoffs when Orlando is playing Boston when Orlando was trailing, you see a lot of players that their focus is in the game, but there are some instance when Nate Robinson said something Dwight and you see Howard laughing and not focusing in the game while his team mates are doing the best their can to catch up to the Cs. That is why when you see KG's face and compare it to Howard you will see the big difference. KG is hungry while Howard face is saying I'm still young and I have plenty of opportunities to come

    But like I said rather put my faith to a Kid that has a unnatural length, have a great offensive, and CAN play defense than to a Man that is not a prototypical center, and does not focus in the game. Yes Dwight is strong, but its not all about power and strength.. Its about whos hungry to win.

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    If i'm construction around Dwight, i might choose a grab participant on his group. If i've got not got that, Kevin Durant, actual. i do no longer % Dwight to be my suitable participant and be a criminal duty in the 4th quarter whilst he has to make unfastened throws to win a game or something. With Durant, I won't could issue approximately that.

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    pretty close I would go with Dwight,

    Durant is good, but there are many players that can stop

    or slow down Durant in the NBA. but Dwight is the best

    Center right now. not many player in the NBA can slow

    him down and he can play a hell of defense.

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    Kevin Durant

    I just want a leader(Durant) that can score,His defense will get better before Howard's offense will.

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    Durant over Howard any day.

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    it seems as if the league is changing its approach to the games nowadays. almost europe style. big men are not as effective due to the way the games are called by refs. also dwight has to develop a more in depth offensive arsenal. with hybrid players like durant, he just opposes too many match-up problems, and if you have to guard a player like that in today's league (ticky tack fouls) it will be very beneficial to have durant as your cornerstone piece.

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    Dwight Howard.

    Centers are harder to find than wing players. And I don't think Durant is as good as people say he is.

  • I would choose Duurant because like with KObe in LA you can build a dynasty around a guy like durant and like they are finding out in Orlando you cant BUILD A TEAM AROUND A CRY BABY WHO CRY ABOUT EVERY FOUL HE ACTUALLY COMMITS GET TECHINICALS EVERYGAME AND FOUL OUT OF EVERY OTHER GAME.


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    gotta be durant. durant can do everything dwight can do. durant can make free throws..

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