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What's the difference between Alaska and Yukon (Canada)?

I wanna know!

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    Alaska is bigger, but a lot more crowded. There are more US military personnel in Alaska than there are people in Yukon. Alaska has nearly 700,000 people, and Yukon had 35,000, of which 26,000 live in Whitehorse. So, Yukon is a lot emptier, and has less variety in shopping, and that sort of thing.

    Alaska has a lot of coastline. The Panhandle dips right down, and the weather is actually very mild there. Parts of Alaska almost never see snow. Yukon's coast is on the Arctic, and no-one even lives near it. Both places have lots of mountains.

    Anchorage is on a major flyway from North America to Asia - there are over a dozen airlines flying from there to Japan alone. Yukon's air service is pretty limited - you can fly from Whitehorse to Vancouver, Edmonton, or Calgary (and, north to Dawson, and Old Crow), but that's about it. There is a summer service once per week to Frankfurt Germany, and in the summer you can also fly to Fairbanks, but that's it. So, Alaskans can go almost anywhere easily - a bit more difficult for Yukoners.

    With the larger population, costs are much lower in the stores for much of Alaska. Fairbanks is the same latitude as Dawson, but it actually pays for people from Dawson to drive the 1100km round trip to Fairbanks to shop (in summer, when the road is open).

    Of course, Alaska is in the USA, and Yukon is in Canada, so you have the whole political difference.

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    Alaska is one of the 50 United States of America. Yukon is a province of Canada.

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