it's about the restaurant "the keg" nutrition.?

It's about the restaurant "the keg" nutrition.?

I just ate the "King Crab Dinner" at "The Keg steak house", I looked at the nutrition chart in the keg's site and it said that the King crab Dinner's calories are 1254cal. I checked the calories of one pound king crab on the other sites such as "calorieking" and etc and it all said that it's about 500cal~ etc. On the King Crab Dinner there was... Steamed one pound king crab, vinegar, and spinach salad (ate with no dressing) .... it's hard to believe that this menu has 1254cal.... what do you guys think?


I ate one pound alaskan king crab legs without butter, the sides of spinach salad without dressing, steamed asparagus, one tbsp vinegar..... really...? 1254calories for this...?

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    Read the fine print on that analysis. It says, "The actual nutritional values may vary as menu items are individually prepared and may be customized; there are variations in serving sizes, preparation techniques, and sources of supply; ingredient substitutions; product testing; as well as regional and seasonal differences."

    So if you skipped the salad dressing, you skipped a lot of the calories.

    The menu says it comes with rice pilaf too. If you didn't have that, then your calorie count continues to go down.

    The analysis is done by 3rd party labs. So the restaurant will submit them a plate of food with everything that is supposed to come with the dinner. That means what the calories would be for those who ate the entire meal and were exposed to the maximum amount of calories possible.

    You did not eat all that could have been eaten so your calorie count is much less.

    The salad is supposed to contain pecan nuts, goat or Blue cheese and dried fruit (cranberries). Those items alone are calorie dense. Between that & the rice pilaf, those would be where most of the calories come from after 500 from the crab. If you didn't eat that, then your calorie amount would be much lower.

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    The Keg Nutrition

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    I believe it. It's what is put into the ingredients of the food. That's why my recipe's aim to fill. They taste good but you can't eat much of it. I also do combos of where there are less calories and more of the things you need. Vinegar has calories, and king crab does have a lot of calories by itself. So calories add up with the more things you add to it. Spinach salad has 108 calories for one serving. So there is a majority of it as well.

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