Rate My competitive Pokemon Heart Gold OU team?

I'm going for a bulky team. What would you recomend I change, and what would you rate it on a scale of 1-10?

Life Orb Cradily; Setup Lead/Painsplit Stall

-Stealth Rocks

-Seed Bomb

-Pain Split

-Stone Edge

Leftovers Torterra; Physical Tanking


-Grass Hammer


-Leach Seed

Scope Lense Bronzong; Special Tanking

-Calm Mind


-Confuse Ray

-Flash Cannon

Berry Shuckle; Poison Stall


-Rest(he is holding the berry that cures sleep)



Expert Belt Arcanine; Physical Sweeping/Roar out/Scouting

-Flare Blitz

-Extreme Speed


-Thunder Fang

Choice Specs Milotic: Special Sweeping


-Ice Beam

-Dragon Pulse



Aw balls I didnt think bronzong was an ou. Fortunately I havn't started training him or milotic yet. Could someone help me come up with a special wall?

Update 2:

Ok, I moved Milotic to my special tank since I havn't trained her yet. New move set is


-Ice Beam

-Aqua Ring


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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    your team is severely outclassed if you are going to play in the OU environment. the only one of your pokemon that is actually in the ou tier is bronzong. however, for a uu team, your doing pretty alright

    cradily is a lead that would be pretty unexpected, and might force a switch from someone leading with and electric type, which gives you a turn to set up stealth rock. pain split is also a good choice.

    your torterra set is fine, however, many teams know how to deal with it, so it might not be that valuable to your team.

    scope lens is probably not the best item choice for a bronzong, as none of the moves it has has a high critical hit ratio anyway, so you wouldnt be getting that much use out of it. also, bronzong is your one pokemon that forces you to play in OU, so i would consider scrapping it.

    shuckle should definitely not be used unless you plan to run a sandstorm team, so i would try to use another poison staller, such as weezing, who can also explode.

    arcanine's moveset is perfect, except the combination of fire and electric do not provide good enough coverage for an expert belt to be used. you could choice band it, or use your life orb on that instead.

    milotic is a nice addition, but recover isnt helpful if you plan on sweeping, and you wont ever be able to use it if youre choiced. i would reccomend hidden power electric/hidden power grass, but if you have already trained these pokemon and are too lazy to breed more, replace it with calm mind.

    i highly reccomend that you try and turn this into a bulky uu stall team, and i think it has a lot of potential. if you want to try this out for an OU match, my name is NICK and my friend code is 159194302609 on platinum. glad i could help out.

    Source(s): smogon, serebii
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  • Kirby
    Lv 7
    10 years ago

    Some things:

    Bronzong: weird set. Too weird to work. Bronzong is pretty much only for trick room teams and most if not all attack physically with gyro ball. There are better special tanks out there mainly blissey. Some other good ones are uxie messrpit and azelf. I feel that you like using UU and non legends so Mantine Tentacool and Claydol are options.

    Shuckle: cestoberry/lum berry rest really doesn't work for stall. You use it once and gain a ton of HP back but after that you just go down down down. Overall leftovers is a superior choice. Rest is still an excellent move through since shuckle can take 2 turns or doing nothing while your opponent HP lowers. Wrap is gimmicky too just go to protect for further HP gain for you and loss for opponent.

    Milotic: dragon pulse doesn't offer any good coverage ever ice beam. Its hard to justify a move slot for it. Switch it out for toxic.

    Nice synergy too. Although your ice weaks are a bit too much even with 3 pokemon that resist them.

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