Wart help!!! IT HURTS!!!?

I have a wart on my big toe, and I went to the doctor's and had his use liquid nitrogen on it. For about an hour after, it hurt, badly. He basicly took a piece of cotton, dipped it in and stuck it on my wart, (and about 1 centimeter of skin all around it). today, i was walking down the stairs, my toe got caught on something in the carpet, and the dead skin ripped open. I now have about 1cm by 1cm of raw skin showing. It really hurts, and I can hardly walk. I was wondering.. could i put polysporin on it, under a bandaid, or would that hurt? it hurts to the touch.


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    10 years ago
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    clean it off with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to kill infection, then put neosporin + pain relief on a band aid and stick it over your toe

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  • 4 years ago

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