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For Yahoo Fantasy Basketball, what trade should I offer?

The following is my team in a 10-team rotisserie league:

PG Derrick Rose

SG O.J. Mayo

G Monta Ellis

SF Carl Landry

PF Dirk Nowitzki

F Lamar Odom

C Roy HIbbert

C Marc Gasol

Util Devin Harris

Util Corey Magette

BN Michael Beasley

BN Beno Udrih

BN Boris Diaw

How is my team? Also, would offering Nowitzki and Harris for Jason Kidd and Josh Smith be worth it? Would it be a fair trade for both sides? Or maybe even Nowitzki and Rose? and how much of my scoring will be affected? and is Boris Diaw a good waiver pickup?


well i'm weak in 3pt, steals, and blocks. then how bout ellis and odom for kidd and smith? do you think the other guy would accept?

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  • Wes
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    definitely don't offer up Dirk. offer him up and you're team will take a huge hit. depends on the other guy's weaknesses if he would accept ellis & odom for kidd & smith. doesn't hurt to offer but i wouldn't be surprised if he countered. you could jus do a 1 for 1 trade to address the assists. I think in most other categories you will be fine

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    Dirk is a great all around player fantasy wise, I don't see why you would trade him as he's the best player on your team. Look for others to trade. Try offering a packaged deal with a center and one of your better guards for an upgrade at center.

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    Question, is something wrong with you? Dirk and Devin for Kidd and Smith. Hell No. Just keep who you got.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    i in my view like this commerce because of the fact Ben Gordon had a crappy year final year, or maybe nevertheless O.J. Mayo has a great form of upside, Bayless has some too. comments are saying Bayless will probable start up at factor shield, aka get the ball in his palms lots. Tayshaun prince won't be the utmost scorer or rebounder on his team, yet a minimum of he's continuously above-favourite on his team. i'd do the commerce.

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