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Mass Pumpkin Craving Ideas?

I have first period spare in high school this year, and every year we have a pumpkin craving contest, and since I'm the most artistic that's in the "spare homeroom" I have to come up with an idea for tomorrow. Yes I find it very un fair.. but anyways, I don't know what my plan will be.. and I have to come up with one for tomorrow in the morning.. Any suggestions? We gathered a lot of pumpkins, we just need a good, original creative idea of what to do with them. Like for an example, last year a class created a baby out of a pumpkin. And they attached arms and legs and such..


Lol, We're high school kids in grade 12. we're basically all 16 - 18.

And we're not looking for that kind of pumpkin craving ideas, we're looking for original, scary, funny, ideas xD

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    Man... I'm not sure what to say... how long do you have to do the activity? How old are the kids? So many variables!

    How about doing some drawing on the pumpkins with sharpies or something, then go for a neat look using decoupage type material on the pumpkins. Or glitter or something like the old light brights... you could cut off the top of the pumpkins and make little pumpkin flower/leave arrangements, using the pumpkin in place of a vase/container. Like I said... I'm not sure what kind of parameters you have to work in here... just some random ideas.

    Good luck... you seem as bad as me, with waiting til last minute... I always say I work better under pressure... good luck pulling it off!

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