Chemistry trouble in university?

Okay so I'm a second year earth science student currently taking Seds, Mapping, and mineralogy. I'm also taking chemistry concurrently with mineralogy because it is a pre-requisite for this course. But what I am seeing is that i'm doing fine in mineralogy and im bombing chemistry like i have no idea whats going on except for the lewis structures and I feel that my life is ending at this point and that I should change my major and all the hard work I've done until now has gone down the drain due to chemistry :( I really dont know what to do its really frustrating.

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  • DrIG
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    1 decade ago
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    Speak to your chemistry teacher and ask for his suggestions. See if you can study with a classmate who does well in Chemistry. If necessary hire a Chemistry tutor. You can also receive free online chemistry help at and at

    Good luck.

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