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Should Quebec just separate from Canada?

Seeing as how there is rampant discrimination against French Canadians (me being one myself) I really don't see why Quebec should be part of Canada. If they separate, I'll gladly move there.


Mystic Blue, I'm seeking the opinions of the English speaking Canadians. And besides, French Canadian is about French heritage not just the French language...

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    The ageless debate is getting rather old....had Parizeau stayed on as Premier "to lead Quebec to independence" after the 1995 referendum(as he stated in the media a couple days ago he wished he would have)...Quebec would have failed not only as a country but a province-in t he late 90's Lucien Bouchard (then premier) had almost literally get on his hands and knees and beg (his OWN words) New York banking executives to give the province loan guarantees to cover their out-of-control deficit spending.(mostly thanks to the Parizeau years of throwing government money left and right to lure people (and their votes)to the Parti Quebecois-and ideally-to a YES vote in a referendum.Had Parizeau remained on the the scene the financiers would never have given Quebec those loan guarantees and-consequently-bankrupted the province.This forced the P.Q government to deviate from the socialist ideal and implement cost cutting and restraint measures.Once the purse strings were tightened the P.Q became just like the provincial Liberals (or worse) in the eyes of most Quebeckers.

    There are many complexities involved with the division of a country-It's much like a marriage in regard that during a divorce -both parties split the assets-but-and it's a big but-they also have to split the liabilities- An independent Quebec would have to assume it's share of the Canadian national debt-as well-they would have to assume payments to Aboriginal groups-which is another can of worms entirely;First Nations may not be terribly anxious to wander off into the sunset with an independent Quebec (recall the Oka crisis)

    Then there is the northern territory-Nunavik-or "Acrtic Quebec"-this territory was never part of the traditional political map until it was "given" to Quebec to "administrate" after World War 2.This contains substantial mineral and resource wealth-some constitutional experts state that the fact it was "given" by the Canadian government may be a moot point because.....it may not have been "theirs" to give in the first place-rather that it had been reverted to native groups at the turn of the 20th century after "belonging" to the Hudson's Bay Company.

    And lastly-but not least-there is concern about how an independent Quebec will treat it's minorities-be they Aboriginal,English-speaking,new immigrants etc.Quebec's treatment of such (by their actions and legislation (see bill 101) could hinder the recognition of an independent Quebec by other countries.This could make it very difficult for Quebec to negotiate trade and other economic agreements.

    I'm not really sure where your belief that you are the victim of "rampant discrimination" originates-as you don't cite any examples-perhaps you disliked the MacLean's article about Quebec corruption (if the truth hurts -don't whine-fix it) or you just read Bob Sirois' book about how French-Canadians are systematically discriminated against in the N.H.L (he claims European and U.S players are too now-in the English printing)Yup-the N.H.L is a big English Canadian conspiracy!(considering only 6 of 30 teams are in Canadian cities-this seems ummmmm unlikely.....)

    All in all - as the poster above stated- it's never going to happen.While raw emotion can stir the secessionist feeling in Quebec ,at the end of the day, most people are better educated today then they were in 1995 even(forget the 70's and the Rene Levesque era) largely by methods like this (the internet) and even the populist pro-sovereigntists that controlled and continue to control are large segment of the Quebec print and broadcast media will never be able to misinform enough people to make the "dream come true"....

    Rickie...yes,those were the numbers ......IN 1995! ...in case you missed it-the world has changed a lot since....people are better educated today and many of those "idealists" at the forefront that drove the movement have either changed their tune (Lucien Bouchard for example)or...died .

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    As long as they don't mind seeing their economy become the envy of the other 6th World Countries.

    While Canada can *barely* survive intact if Quebec were to separate (although there is a possibility that the Maritimes would have to join the US to compete on World Markets...and as an Islander, I am NOT in favour of that!)...especially when you consider that physically over half of the Province would then turn around ans secede back into Canada...including almost all the land the Hydro Dams sit on.

    Quebec on the other hand, would go from what it is today, to one of the largest debtor nations in the world...the AVERAGE personal portion of the debt that a Quebec citizen would take on (when the furor was active) was somewhere in the neighbourhood of 4-5 TIMES the average annual salary... Then, the Bank Of Canada would no longer honour Canadian Bank Notes (and the Chartered Banks would be ordered to withdraw them). Oh...then the Chartered Banks would also close their doors, since they are Chartered to operate in Canada. So, until something could be arranged, the banks would be closed.

    Then all property on Federal Land would be shipped East or West...so all those Military Bases would be unoccupied shells, with no equipment.


    As for Canadien and what it is about...it is more than the French Language and French Heritage... It is about Exploration and Making a Home...being Accepting of Others... (Remember the Vignette about why there are so many Francophones with Irish names?)

    You also have to consider that Quebequois French is a bastardised dialect of Parisian French. I have heard from persons with first hand experience, that using the French of Quebec or even the French taught in most English Schools will raise eyebrows and confusion in France until the speaker "learns the lingo" as it were...

    Personally, My Canada includes Quebec! I'm proud of my Country's dual Heritage. Samuel de Champain and Louis Riel are as much National Heros to me as Sir John A. MacDonald!

    That being said, I tend to see/hear of more Francophone on Allophone bigotry than anything else.

    Good Luck!


    @Ricky - Yes...and something like only 50-70% of population of the province actually voted...and in some areas (like areas of Montreal) the "Stay" percentage reached 90%. Add to the fact that the question was ambiguous, and indicated a chance of continued co-operation and continued existance of Canadian Federal Institutions. Essentially the question as asked lied, since had Quebec done so, Canada would have cut ALL finacial and Governmental ties...after handing the new Quebec Federal Governement it's 40+% of the (then) National Debt.

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    I agree with some of these answers. I just don't care any longer. I am sick of so much of the wining. If they want to move let them. French people are just as discriminatory as everyone else. IF the population votes( which it has twice) and has a majority they should just separate. I am sick of this question and frankly do not care anymore. Beside Quebec would be trashed without Canada. Quebec has the highest socialist spending and relies on equalization payments from Alberta(who receive the most than any province) and payments from the fed government. Quebec would be lost without "our:" money. I wouldn't mind Quebec leaving then maybe some of Alberta's money with which forced away from them will come to my province. B.C who receive barely nothing. who is right behind Ontario.... Who receives nothing.

    Why does Quebec get the money? In order to keep them in Canada.

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    I am 50% of each culture and I do not believe that French Canadians are discriminated against. It is no longer the pre 1970 era and in fact French Canadians have many advantages over English in Canada. The only discrimination that I see is coming from Quebec where Pariseau made it very clear in 1995 that people like myself, of mixed heritage, were completely unwelcome in Quebec!

    I would ask that you choose wisely if you choose to separate because what the PQ have in mind is a French Apartheid State and if you have ANY mixed blood then you will be a stranger in your own land.

    For myself, living in Western Canada and happily so, I really think it would be better if Quebec was encouraged to leave Canada in order to create the type of Confederation and political systems and Constitution that Canada needs to thrive in the 21st Century. The separate Constitution for Quebec, the massive Transfer Payments received by Quebec, the separate language system necessitated by the presence of Quebec, the twisted Parliamentary distribution caused by the BQ, the inability to reform the Senate, the inequality in proportionate representation (not applicable to Quebec), the separate social, economic and immigration status afforded to Quebec, and so many other forms of institutional protections for JUST Quebec, are preventing Canada from becoming a true functioning Democracy of the People.

    I would miss the cultural contribution that Quebec brings to Canada, but I am not suggesting that we suspend diplomatic status, just go two separate ways! The truth though, is that it would be an economic and cultural catastrophe for Quebec and it is an almost impossible feat to be accomplished in a peaceful manner. Quebec would have to be subdivided into Aboriginal Quebec, Canadian Right of Way Quebec, Montreal Quebec, and American "protectorate" Quebec. It will never happen and almost everyone now knows this!

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    Canadian girl said only a very small number of French Canadians want to separate. Really? I don't call half of the province a small number.

    "The referendum took place in Quebec on October 30, 1995, and the motion to decide whether Quebec should secede from Canada was defeated by a very narrow margin of 49.42% "Yes" to 50.58% "No"."

    From Wikipedia

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    Its funny how you say discrimination against French Canadians. Im English, born in Quebec, and raised. And i was HATED so f*cking much. Just because i was a poor English kid. Even though i went to English schools, everyone was French, there was no more then 6 English kids. I grow up half in the Laurentians other half in Montreal, and f*ck you French people gave me a tough time. From grade 1 to secondary 1 i got into a fight every week. All just because i was ENGLISH. Haha thanks though now im a good fighter lol. Montreal was pretty good though, Lasalle so mostly Italian, Greeks, Blacks. But still English people are treated like sh*t in Quebec. Lol its pretty much people laughing at Quebec for trying to be there own country, it is really stupid.

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    Well, since your mind is made up regarding any discrimination you may feel it really seems that our comments would be wasted anyway.

    I just want Quebec to decide. Either sign on with the rest of Canada or separate. One clear question, once and for all. In or out...just decide and quit holding over our heads like the Sword of Damoclise.

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    Quebec has their own Federal party in Ottawa, while no other province does. Its province makes one billion dollars a year in revenue from Churchill Falls while Newfoundland only makes $270 million a year in revenue. And you call that discrimination? Buddy, from where I'm sitting, that's favoritism. No idea how you would call that discrimination.

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    Sure. By all means. And good luck to Quebec trying to get along without all the Federal subsidies they presently get.....

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    Interesting that you start a debate here in ENGLISH about Quebec French Canadiens.

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