Fable 3 Glitch help please?

Im on the mission called masquerade and the door the ballroom wont open...

HELP !!! x

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  • jason
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    1 decade ago
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    That game is broken....there are so many glitches.

    However it could be very simple, you don't have the proper clothes on. You need to have the complete masquerade outfit on. So go to your santuary and make sure you equip the whole thing and nothing else.

    If that doesn't work try turning it off and reloading, that may fix it. If not make sure your holding the button down and not just pressing it. Another thing is sometimes the bread crumb trail likes to take you to the wrong place, so turning the game off and reloading it should fix that. Hopefully its something stupid like that, its just directing you to the wrong door.

  • 1 decade ago

    What mission is that I don't think there is a mission called masquerade in fallout 3

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