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What should I draw for these definitions?

Ok, so I have this project on the Cold War terms and I'm having trouble finding pictures to draw. Since alot of the words are about treaties, I thought I should draw countries signing a treaty but I can't draw that for every single term. I'm really desperate here since I can't find any picture. Some of you may think that I'm trying to get you to do my homework, but I'm not since I only need an idea of what to draw. Please help me out!

These are the words.:

1. Forgein policy of deterrence

2. M.A.D

3. Test Ban Treaty

4. Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

5. SALT I and II

6. START (Startegic Arms Reduction Talks)

7. SDI ( Strategic Defense Initiative) AKA Star Wars

8. Brinkmanship

9. Containment

10. Domino Theory

11. MaCarthyism/Red Scare

12. Detente

13. Non-Alignment/Alignment

14. Expansionism

15. Truman Doctrine

16. Marshall Plan

17. Prestife Wars

18. Espoinage

19. Diplomacy

20. Proxy Wars

21. Berlin Airlift

22. Revolutions in Hungary/Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia

23. Dissuation

I know there are alot of words here but I just need ideas on what to draw. Thank you sooo much!

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    I don't know the Details of some of these treaties & events. However, here are a few General ideas & images you can use individually or in combination or in part :

    -- an iron wall

    -- the flags of the countries involved . If they are at war, you can show signs of blood & cuts on the fabric; if they come together for a treaty, you can show bandages & darn-patches on these bruises

    -- arms & ammunition of the period on both sides to indicate war

    -- arms & ammunition that have been chained or have cobwebs indicating disuse due to treaty.

    -- map outlines of the countries involved - you can show them overlapping for a treaty & this part can be white in color as contrasted with the reddish hues of past war.

    -- masks to symbolize espionage ; or a hazy layer over the spy to show his/her stealth & disguise

    -- for diplomacy you can show bland, emotion-less faces with warm handshakes & a slight smile

    -- you can also write out a few terms/words as Ambigrams. This could be your main image or it can be used as a light, looming background.

    -- symbolize through colors.

    -- the famous buildings/landmarks of countries involved - you can show them "hugging", shaking hands, etc. in times of peace or white flags furling ; or you can show guns, etc. popping out of the windows/niches in case of hostilities.

    -- head gear of the countries or of its soldiers - either thrown up together in peace or thrown At each other to symbolize war.

    Think of the era in which each of these took place & depict through contemporary markers such as dress, hats, arms, technology, war arenas, etc. etc. Try to use flags as much as you can. In fact after successful revolution or liberation, the flag &/or geographical boundaries may change; depict this as a series of gradual Transformation within the same frame.

    Use colors judiciously to symbolize & increase visual effectiveness. Study what each colour represents & use accordingly.

    Hope these help you get started

    Have fun :-)

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