What are the greatest flaws in American democracy?

Is it (1) having a system whereby the President is not automatically the leader of the party that holds power in Congress, (2) having elections every two years, (3) excluding the most experienced Americans from being President ( those that already serviced two terms), (4) the roll of big money and special interests to buy elections, (5) drawing the borders of Congressional Districts to alter the out-come of elections, (6) the amendments to bills to add unrelated spending, (7) giving Veto power to the President, (7) or sometime else?


All those items are significant flaws. Generally other democracys do not have them. Perhaps the worst flaw is when the President is not the leader of the party in power in Congress. This is a recipe for grid-lock.

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    The greatest flaw in American democracy is. The fact that this country was founded on this being a govt. for the people, by the people, and of the people. Yet the scum in charge of this govt. continue to ignore the wishes of the people, and strip away the freedoms that our forefathers fought to secure.

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    My answer is that democracy has both a pro and a con flaw in that everyone who meets the requirements votes, there are many voices and all are heard so that's the good part, the other side of the coin is that always 50 percent or thereabouts of every election are unhappy. Then the good side is that everyone gets their party's politicians voted in some time, so everyone in the country is happy at least 50 percent of the time and gets services at one time or another. :-)

    In response to your 6 comments, well #1 it doesn't matter who holds power in Congress as the president can always override their vote. #2 I thought elections were every 4 years, not 2...#3 it never excludes the most experienced Americans from being President, and I guess it depends on what you call most experienced, but serving 2 terms is a good thing....#4 again, each of the two main parties gets to become president at one time or another even if ever big money helps someone win an election...#5 I'm pretty sure borders of Congressional Districts can be changed by putting that on the ballot...#6 I don't think amendments to bills regarding spending has anything to do with democracy itself....you have two #7's so I'll answer the first one. I think giving Veto power to the President is a good thing because on some occasions the President knows more of what's going on (has been informed by his advisors) than Congress.

    What do you think is the "greatest flaw" if there is such a thing?

  • People are the flaw in any political or economic system. They are all perfect on paper, then people enter the mix and we screw up everything.

    I do not agree with term limits, I think it takes away my right to elect the person of my choice.

    Lobbyists should be banned.

    Now that you mention it, I do not understand why the president was given the power to stop a bill passed by both houses of congress.

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    It's best is we have the congress and the Presdeint to be tow diffrent parties. The flaw is that most people aren't properly educated. People don't know how politics an economics works. Unfortunately college students no longer have the basis to understand.

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    8) having political parties

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    7) The silly idea that we have, or even want a democracy.

    We have a Constitutional Representative Republic with Democratic Principles.

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    Most of what you mentioned are positives of America's system. There are no GREAT flaws, just little ones.

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    Having professional politicians.

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    That it is a democracy. Human rule is a failure in any form.

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