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Is peru a safe place to travel? Going lima and machu piccu next spring.?

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    peru is incredibly safe, and the people are very friendly and helpful. that being said, it is a developing country, so you need to be on your guard to a certain extent. i love peru to death and can't wait to live there again, but i've been careless a few times and have had stuff stolen as a result (putting down my jacket or ipod and not paying attention). you just need to be conscientious and aware of your surroundings. taxi drivers and tour companies might try to rip you off as a tourist, but just keep that in mind and negotiate prices beforehand. peru is an absolutely amazing country, so you should really enjoy it :)

    ps - don't just see machu picchu, go to cusco as well! :)

    Source(s): i have lived in cusco/traveled around peru
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    Hey my friend? How are you? Im a peruvian who studies Tourism, Hotelery and gastronomy. Some people think that Peru is a dangerous country like Haití, Iraq or a African Country in danger. Don't worry! Peru is a safe place, well, I must be honest with you, like all countries has a red zones that is danger, but dont worry this places are far. You can go to Lima and visit Caral, the first Civilization of America ( 5000 years) and Pachacamac ruins where a lot of cultures went there to see the Pachacamac god. Also you can see the Historic Centre of Lima. There is the square, the cathedral, the Govermente Place. You can see the a spectacle of water, very spectacular and u can see more touristic places in Lima. Then, you can get a flight to Cusco to see Machu Picchu. It takes like 45min

    I can help you in Lima and go with you to see the touristic places in Lima. This is my msn warriox_mig@hotmail. com (all together) SEE U MAN! :D

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