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Gr 11. Chemistry HELP please.?

1. Write the chemical formula for the compounds formed between:

a. Ca and Br – CaBr2

b. Al and S -

c. potassium and nitrogen

d. Al and O

e. Al and F

f. Al and N

g. iron(III) and chlorine

h. Mg and S

i. chromium(III) and chlorine

j. calcium and nitrogen

k. hydrogen and sulphur

2. Name the following compounds using IUPAC rules:

a. MgO

b. Na2O

c. CuBr

d. SrBr2

e. AlCl3

f. CO2

g. Cu2O

h. HI

i. CaBr2

j. K2O

k. FeO

l. Fe2O3

m. PbCl4

n. SnO

1. Find the chemical name for the following common substances:


a. phenolphthalein

b. PVC

c. glass

d. an antacid

e. household bleach

f. rust


2. State one chemical that is used in:


a. toothpaste

b. cough syrup

c. Jello

d. toilet bowl cleaner

e. road salt

f. suntan lotion

g. salt (other than NaCl)

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    This is very basic your notes.

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