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Scariest horror movies?

I've been watching horror movies since I was a kid and none of them scare me anymore. I love the feeling of being scared, however, so I'm looking for a really good movie to watch.

I've seen a lot of horror movies (into the 100s), but I can't find any new good ones.

Any movies that gave you nightmares or made it hard to sleep?

These ones tend to be suggested a lot, but I've seen them all and they don't scare me. Please don't recommend them.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Exorcist, Silence of the Lambs, The Shining

The Ring, the Grudge

The Descent

The Hills have Eyes




The Omen

Paranormal Activity


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    I have to reccomend:

    The Strangers = it wasnt outright scary but will leave you looking over your shoulder.

    The 2nd Ammityville movie. Its a prequel and its based on actual events (look up Ronnie Defeo)

    Cannibal Holocaust is incredibly disturbing. Some of the most intense graphics ever. Its old but holds up so well. The acting is dated but there are some effects today that dont look this real!

    Maniac is a demented movie

    Henry:Portrait of a Serial Killer will make it hard to sleep.

    I also reccomend any early Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci or Lamberto Bava movies. They were quite original and very dark

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    I love scary movies too. There's a lot of them that I think are creepy but I don't get nightmares because of them. Some i recommend are Shutter Island, Skeleton Key, When a Stranger calls, Nightmare on Elm street, The crazies, One Missed call, Friday the 13 especially the 2009 version, Halloween, hide and seek, I know what you did last summer, the sixth sense there are more but i can't think of anything right now. hope this helps.

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    The Amittyville Horror the new one

    The Strangers

    Salems Lot

    The People Under The Stairs

    i guess these are more creepy than make unable to fall asleep.

  • Anonymous
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    Saw 3

    Amodyville Horror

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    Amityville Horror?

  • Danny
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    you want to see a real scary movie?

    watch The Martyrs

    it's a french film and it's extremely gruesome and disturbing

  • Akiba
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    The new Justin Bieber movie.

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    how about you watch asian horror movies? koreans, japanese and thai are scary!

    JU-ON (it's the grudge korean version) so much scarier than american rip off.

    SHUTTER (thai version! they have american version too, not scary!)

    Exorcist (original film)

    those 3 scared the hell out of me! try looking for asian movies. they have good movies under this genre.

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    LOL i like to sleep at peace, just the names make it hard for me to sleep.

  • Anonymous
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    the orphanage

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