Can anyone give me some real advice?

It's about telling over protective parents or over-reactive parents that you are a soon to be father. They are my parents and my soon to be wife is 2-4 months along, and I couldn't be happier then I am now. But the thing is. I'm terrified of telling my parents finding out because they overreact about everything. It took them a month to even get over the fact I was getting married. Yes I have some college and I will be continuing my remaining hours of college to open my own restaurant and franchise it. But I need to know how to tell my parents that they are grandparents, again. They already told me they'd beat me if I became a father, which worries me because I'm not sure if they'll stop me from seeing my fiance. I get to know how far along she really is Nov. 11 possibly even the gender of the baby. And if I don't tell my parents soon I will have to get even worse because my fiance's parents want to tell them if I don't. Which won't end well for any of us. Is there a way to tell them without them flipping out? I can't use the "don't flip out okay?" or "We need to talk please keep your cool." or any thing of relation to those because they won't keep their cool.


I'm 17. So yeah... I have a GED. So no I'm not 18. I just got out of school early.

Update 2:

Also I was raised in a house where I did fear of disclosing any info to them because it either resulted in fighting like arguing or a threat from them like they are going to beat me around or slap me across the face. So I was raised with fear from the start.

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    In my opinion, I would sit them down and tell them what is happening.

    Talking to over reactive parents is not an easy task, but it can be done.

    Speak to them calmly and let them know the situation, tell them you know what your doing with your life. Tell them the great things that will come from having a child.

    Tell them how happy you are and that you haven't felt truly happy in the longest time.

    As long as your choices aren't illegal or life threatening they should support you in every decision you make.

    Best of luck :D

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    Wow! I think your best bet would be to consult a counselor at the college and pick their brain. Sounds like you'd want a mediator present if not around in a public place when you break the news.

    Also, is there another person(s) like Grandparents or someone that they would value their opinion you can talk to first?

    You need to take in the fact that you are an adult and have your own responsibilities and rights. If they have a potential to come unglued like you say, you need people and witnesses around when to release this info in full view of a public place.

    Consult a counselor first and see what they have to say. And good luck with your family and the career you've picked out!

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    Your parents are probably control freaks who think that the whole world should act according to their ideals. Seriously doenst sound like they are all there and I would suggest that when you do tell them make sure they are sitting in front of a physcological counseller so they can get advice on how to be normal. I would never control my children to the point where they fear confiding something to me. This is a terrible way to raise a child. Parents are supposed to be the support system of their children from the moment they are born. A parents love for their child is unconditional.

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    You state you have some college so I assume you are over 18 and you are now able to be independent and responsible for your own actions. But that only applies (morally) if you are self supporting.

    You and your stb wife should tell them together, all four of you in a public or semi-public place.which sometimes helps to keep tempers at bay. Your almost in-laws have no business butting into this. I suggest you get yourselves married ASAP (if that's what you want) and also get self sufficient ASAP.

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    It's to late to worry about the flip out because the damage has been done. and nobody can take it back. You must be a real man and speak up.. You have real reasonable .

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    i cant because to day i am so weak

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