Rate My HG Pokemon OU team?

Score it 1-10 and advice on changes. And I know I have a lot of under tier pokemon, but I have one OU battles with some UU pokes on my team before and I like using them for unpredictability and just so I can be different from every OU player.

Leftovers Fortress; Setup/Toxic Stall

-Stealth Rocks


-Gyro Ball


Master Belt Arcanine; Scouting/Physical Sweeping

-Flare Blitz

-Thunder Fang

-Extreme Speed


Life Orb Flygon; Dragon Dancer

-Dragon Dance

-Dragon Claw



Choice Specs Lucario; Special Sweeping

-Aura Sphere

-Shadow Ball

-Dragon Pulse

-Water Pulse

Big Root Torterra; Physical Tanking/Sub Seeder

-Leech Seed

-Seed Bomb



Lum Berry Milotic; Special Tanking


-Ice Beam


-Calm Mind


Kara- I do have a life. I play drums for a band and I make all A's. I play this for fun, and if you have nothing better to do than waste your time telling me how I need a life then someone needs to think of something to do with their life.

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  • Kirby
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    10 years ago
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    Some move adjustments I suggest.

    Forretress: protect for explosion and toxic over earthquake. Protect is a waste of space switch it easily for that. And toxic is also useless since fortress isn't a really good staller it makes a great wall not a good staller. I suggest earthquake for heatran. Yes heatran can EASILY 1KHO a forretress but if they predict a switch and use another moves well... down goes there heatran. A neat trick.

    Flygon: Switch roost for fire blast/flamethrower and dragon claw for outrage. Flygon is too frail to roost effectively and even though you get locked into outrage the extra bower boost on top of dragon dance and dragon stat is a 2 or 3 HKO even on some of the sturdiest steel types.

    Lucario: in OU I see absolutely no use of water pulse. if you can try a hidden power and see what you get. if nothing good then go with vacuum wave a powerful first attack move with specs.

    Torterra: in OU grass/ground attack coverage only isn't that great. Grass has poor coverage overall. I suggest you switch seed bomb for stone edge. Yes you lose vital stab but you gain a lot fo coverage useful in OU. Also unless you are going under some item clause use leftovers. Same goes for Milotic.

    One of the better team I have seen around here in a LONG time. 9.8/10.

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  • 10 years ago

    9... your team is pretty good...

    if you want to get beat, my friend code is: 3395 9777 3252

    I just wouldn't give Torterra substitute...

    If your gonna give it the big root, it should have giga drain

    Source(s): years of experience
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  • 10 years ago

    0- get a life

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  • 10 years ago

    7, have more damaging moves and beef up stats with vitamins.

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