Honestly if you have anything to state that you think you know or do know about canada i would love to hear your feedback. as neighboring countries i beleive we should know a lot about eachtohers culture and backgrounds. (though very similar)

Feel free to point out any stereotypes, questions or cooments you have about Canada.

(yes i admit, Canadian History is the most boring thing on the face of this planet)



Yeah! exactly i spend a lot of time down in the states, i literally live 5 minutes to the border living outside vancouver, I've been to several states, and I love it, I'm not one to judge and talk shittt about another country, especially america, becuasse we are so similar it's not even funny.

I would live to grow up and live in southern California having spent a lot of time there, but still maintain a Canadian citizenship.

It would be awesome if we were all one country? huh?

(notice i didn't say "eh" ... we don't actually say that.)

Update 2:


It's a canadian resturant company ( food chain)

and there are a few in the states, but oh man, you gotta love it.

it particularly focuses on Coffee, Donuts, Soups, Sandwhiches, and other baked goods like cookies and muffins,

and of course the famous iced cappucino.

You should try it, you'll never go back Dunkin Donuts again! ;)


Update 3:

Okay let me get Some things straight,

Yes your right "mullatto" we are peacful becuase i guess we don't alway want everything to be go go go. but in our cities like Toronto and Vancouver that is false.

"Tom" i We don't say "aboot" we say about just like everyone else, were not irish accented people.

Hockey is big here, that is very true, but we don't live breathe and sleep it like most people think. (that could be argued with in some peoples cases)

Yes we have fat people.

America probably has no more or no less, we just have an invisiible line dividing us.

so that's really it. :)

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  • 10 years ago
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    Canadian history isn't boring! They invented the light bulb, and... ...well......idk about any other part of their history, but it's a great country! They seem to be doing better than the US right now!

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I'm not aware of any hostility between our nations. About the only point of possible conflict I can think of would be the trade agreement that allowed U.S. farmers to sell products in Canada, undermining the prices there and flooding the market so that it was harder for Canadian farmers to make a profit. I find that, largely, Canadians are calmer and quieter than Americans and seem to be a bit better spoken. These are the major differences that I can think of. I have traveled in Canada a bit as you have traveled here. I have met a number of Canadians here too. I like your countrymen and am proud you are our allies. I feel very comfortable with our national relationship and hope nothing ever divides us.

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  • I've spent time in Canada, and have worked with a lot of Canadians. They, like everyone else in the world, seem nice for the most part. I've met a few nutters, but that's pretty normal too. Canada is a nice country.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    There are definitely histories that are more lengthy and interesting than our's. You want to know our stereotypes of Canadians? Okay, here goes. The country has a lot of cultural/social divisions within the French speaking Quebecois (20-25%) and English Canada. The stereotype of English Canadians is that they at best make half-hearted attempts at learning French while the Quebecois have to live with the double standard. Even while the Anglo-Canadians are in their cities like Montreal and Quebec City. A lot of Americans don't know all that. Probably mostly people close to the boder. I have some more knowledge in Canadian history though.

    Sadly though, when you talk to a lot of people about Canada here, they think Canada is just an English speaking country and you have to remind them there are a lot of Francophones too. A lot of Americans are also unaware that 18% of Canada are immigrants and the major cities of Canada hold more of the proportional population of their country than major cities in the US. Our largest and my native New York City has 8.3 million, but is less than 3% of our country. Toronto and Montreal city limits are alone almost 15% of Canada's population.

    One of the most popular dating sites in the US (Plenty of Fish) is actually a Canadian site where it's headquarters is in Vancouver. Despite being a small country, I seem to have an easy time coming across them on Omegle. I haven't ever eaten at Tim Horton's. But when ever I traveled to Ontario and Quebec I noticed that there were lots of the same franchises. Whether it be diners like Denny's or Ihop, motels, restaurants, fast food, Gamestop, ect.

    Other stereotypes? They are exactly like Americans. Homer Simpson once called them American Junior! lol The only thing is the world and us perceives them as a more liberal and less obese version of us. Their English speakers sound the same as most of our's. In fact, the ''standard American English'' in probably spoken by a higher percentage of Anglo-Canadians than Americans. In some areas where that isn't the case, like North Dakota/Manitoba and other west parts of North America, the accents sound similar. And a lot of Acadians in Northern Maine also know how to speak French like the Acadians in New Brunswick. I'd say all that is more general knowledge though.

    By the way, most Americans don't negatively stereotype French Canadians. The only ones who do are just applying the same stereotypes they have of people in France on the US. Yes, Americans kind of see French people are stubborn, narcissistic and thinking they are better than everyone else. Most of us know French Canadians have nothing to do with France though.

    You want the more juicy stereotypes?

    - Hockey is their favorite sport by a lot. It's true though. We assume hockey to you is what football is to us. And American football (CFL) to you is hockey to us (our # 4 sport). And you aren't as into baseball or basketball.

    - You say ''eh'' and ''aboot'' (about).

    - You're naive and leave your doors unlocked because you trust your neighbors.

    - Canadians think they are better than Americans and have ways of telling this to Americans. And their top weapon is health care and saying we're obese even though your rates are somewhat high too.

    - Men in your rural parts have beards and hunt.

    - Even though you hunt a lot more than us, it is very hard to get a license to own a handgun and most people are happy about that.

    - The most religious Canadian Christian is probably considered not religious in the US. Atheism is a lot more common.

    - Your country has a lot more foreigners from countries that we rarely see in the US. Countries like Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, UK.

    - You don't have the same kind of bowling alleys as us. You use a smaller ball with smaller pins.

    - Gas is more expensive and your income tax is a lot higher.

    - Newfies sound hilarious.

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  • 10 years ago

    hell you guys gave us the kids in the hall and you cant do that on television. Y'all r cool just for that. I work in the hospitality industry in upstate new york so i meet a lot of you and you are very nice.However the French Canadians are universally disliked in the business. Very snobby and reluctant to tip after abusing some poor waitress all night. Your question has made me want to learn more about your country, thank you.

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  • ?
    Lv 7
    10 years ago

    They are people who live North of me. I think that about says it all.

    They are not known for trying to sneak over the border so I guess this says they like their country and colder climate.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Respect them. They seem like a peaceful Country. Also, I would like to live there. People seem nice. I have a very good friend who is Canadian. :)

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    You make me like Canada. Canadians who just talk **** (Americans do it too) for no reason deserve no respect. I've been there before - a beautiful place.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I've always wanted to ask a Canadian: Can you smuggle me into your country? The U.S. sucks. Your land is free-er than ours. =\

    I also wanted to ask: Is the underground city worth visiting? What about living there? O_O

    Stereotypes I've heard is that Canadian girls are hott. I don't agree, but I don't disagree either.

    P.S. I'm serious about wanting to be smuggled into the country. I'd love to leave this hell hole of Hawaii.

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  • 10 years ago

    Honestly you're too nice. Not in a good way, I feel as if I could kick you in the shins and you'd apologize for getting in my way.

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