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What would Marx say about technological advancements?

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    Marx had interest in technological developments, and these mentions are complemented by generic statements such as the need for a critical history of technology "Machinery and Large Scale Industry" in Capital, Volume I.'s_notebooks_on_t...

    So, Marx accepted the creation of tools that help meet the most pressing needs of the population, therefore, strongly believed in technology, that is used for that purpose. Remember he was a radical critic, of capitalism when it subjected and exploited the working class, the technology was one of those mechanisms used, for two reasons: to replace labor and increase its surplus production.

    Amy E. Wendling, looking at Karl Marx in his book "Technology and Alienation" explained:

    "... For Marx, technology exemplifies the interaction between human beings and nature. Marx’s description of this interaction is in transition throughout his works. An older, humanist and vitalist paradigm sets the human being against nature as a qualitatively different type of force. A newer, thermodynamic paradigm sets the human being and nature in continuity. Marx’s work occurs at the juncture of these paradigms and contains elements of each. This affects his deployment of the concept ‘labor.’ Labor is demoted from its status as a meaningful human activity that confers political status and mastery of the natural world, and it becomes a mere nodal point where energy is transferred. …“

    Firstly the primary factors in the development of the forces of production are human, as you see it involves drives for self-expression, with tend resistance to alienation, and expanding needs. For that reason the technology plays only a facilitating role in this process.

    But the important thing, was beyond, even the drastic introduction of technology, and against nature, seeking the ability to produce these new needs, regardless is itself radically new. Nevertheless, according Marx: “ Capitalist production develops therefore technology, and the combining together of various processes into a social whole, only by sapping the original sources of all wealth - the soil and the labourer.”

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