Do I REALLY need an Intermediate Flute to join my school's Orchestra?

At the moment I'm playing on a Gemeinhardt 2SP.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    No, you don't. Many students can't afford a step-up flute, and I have never met a teacher who will hold that against them for placement issues.

    A step up flute will help your sound, projection, and articulation, though, which could lead you to placing higher amongst your peers.

    The time when you would NEED to upgrade would be college, if you are planning on playing in anything other than marching band/ pep band. Until then, if you can't afford a step up flute, don't worry about it and keep working hard on the one you have.

    Source(s): Flutist of 15 years, flute teacher and certified band teacher
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    The short answer is no. I auditioned for a semiprofessional community orchestra on my thirty-three year old solid silver Gemeinhardt and placed second after an experienced professional. As a result of the jury's comments, I bought a solid silver handmade conservatory flute.

    How good is the rest of the orchestra? How well can you play on what you have? Go to Sir James Galway's website and click the link for the Galway Spirit, made by Conn-Selmer to his specifications. Watch the video. That relatively inexpensive flute sounds fabulous because it's Sir James playing. Honestly, the man could play tissue paper over a comb and make it sound good.

    Long story short, if you have the money, spend it on private lessons and let that qualified professional tell you when you are ready for an upgrade and guide this substantial purchase.

    Be happy. Play well. Best wishes.

    Source(s): Playing flute since 1964 and currently perform in area orchestras and as a soloist.
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    You should ask the music teacher. S/he will have the answer.

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