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What other singers are like Il Divo?

Can you give me a list of female singers that sing the same type of music as Il Divo does?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Not many female groups as far as i know, exactly coz not many are classically trained.

    also it is diff to pin up the music of Il Divo exactly - after all they do sing Pop songs which so many Pop artists do,,,but what makes is different is how they sing it..

    We have 3 Graces which has a Pop, Classical and R&B singer.

    You also have Celtic Woman - not sure if they are still around - but some of their songs overlap

    Also Il Divo's supposins success has spawned a whole lot of Cross over artists who may wanna try and see if u like - Sarah Brightman, Kelly levesque (Duo voci), Camilla Kerslake, Charlotte Church, kAtherine Jenkins, Vanessa Mae, Hayley Westenra, .. just google for cross over artists... there are more i dont know of..

    There are other male bands out there too...Canadian tenors, Adoro, Celtic thunder.. but i dont find them exactly the same...but you can try em out too

    Of course the great Bocelli figures... russell watson, Josh Groban too

    Hope this helps

  • 4 years ago

    El Divo Singers

  • siers
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    Enrique Iglesias has the potential and looks and has an incredible voice fot the form of music he sings. Il Divo are 4 super adult males doing what they do yet in my view i might bypass and notice Enrique as i might bypass to sleep gazing Il Divo.

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