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Am I unattractive + Would this hairstyle suit me?

My hair is always parted in the middle with long layers and I want to change it up a bit. I have a bit of acne you can't see here but this is how I currently look: (yes, I'm wearing a shrit)

I'm condsidering side bangs but I don't know which kind. I don't want my hair to be annoying me while I'm working or just overall. I don't want the swoopy ones that are rounded because I have chubby cheeks and it excentuates it. I don't have stick straight hair and it's fairly wavy. I was thinking of this cut:

Do you think it would suit me, or do you have other options? I want more volume on my head, not flat, regular side bangs like most + What do you think of my appearance?

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    You aren`t unattractive! Plus i love the last


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    you look really like the girl in the pic yeah get it done

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