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Why do Americans think that healthcare in countries with universal care will kill you?

Is it poor education or their media lying to them?


I'm living in Canada now and we have problems with wait times for elective surgeries but it's pretty good care and my insurance is $40 a month.

Update 2:

I should say "some" Americans, not all of them are ignorant of the world outside their borders.

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    Universal Healthcare= Socialist/Communist

    Socialists/Communists= Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Castro, Kim Jong Il

    Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Castro, Kim Jong Il= Evil

    Source(s): I support universal healthcare, this just seems to be how America views it and any other aspects of Socialism
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    I think universal healthcare is a bad idea because it is an extension of government control as well as a reduction in capitalism and that is not what America is about...Canada and Europe might be this way but not the U.S...I believe that Health Insurance is the problem Since the 1950's when it came around Health Care cost as gone extreme...Before Health insurance Healthcare was based on supply and demand (better yet What the people could afford)...You can argue healthcare is better today then then but so is the T.V. thats just modern tech....Look at it this way if the people are willing to only pay x number then that is all the health care would cost because if it were higher then no one would buy it....For those still unfortunate to afford the health care...then the government could stand in and bring them to equilibrium just like food stamps I suppose not to over simplify it..........

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    We have relatives living in England. They said whatever we do, don't go for single payer health care which is what you are talking about. If you get ill...and don't have a lot of money to buy the help you are put on a waiting doesn't matter if you have cancer, or are in severe pain, etc . You will wait for months for treatment and then be sent to whatever doctor they assign the meantime you may be in pain for months....or die of cancer because it is growing, while you are waiting for treatment. You are just a number on a list.

    You think it doesn't happen? Think again!

    We have the best medical system in the world. Yes there is fraud. Yes we badly need tort reform which would alter costs a lot. Yes it needs help. But do not take away our rights we now have which they are doing. They are taking it away from some, to give to others...that is not solving anything. It is dangerous and life threatening to become just another number.

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    1) Your insurance is not $40 a month. That's like saying my Social Security and Medicare is free. Or that "gee, I get free money back from the government at the end of the tax year." All forms of welfare cost money, and generally government hides what you really pay.

    2) The American health system worked until the government got involved. Furthermore, our Federal Government has strict limitations on its duties and powers: some of us know that our Socialized Retirement system is a joke, and we don't like these financial morons controlling our health, either. That should be left up to the individual, free markets, and with legal enforcement from the States, not the Feds.

    Heck, the US Federal government can't even do its primary duties: control the border and enforce the Bill of Rights.

    3) Would you want these idiots to control your health? ?

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  • My mother in law in Kitchener waited eight hours to be admitted after having a stroke then had a bed in the hall way for three days before finally getting her cat scan to see where the bleeding was and what kind of stroke she had.

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    Since most of your people run down here for any health care that they deem important, I'd have to agree with the perception.

    BTW... Ever look at a Brit's teeth? EEEECHHHH! Think Austin Powers.

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    Some people just repeat what lobbyists want them to say (insurance companies in this case). There are capitalists governments who provide healthcare.

  • It's fine, if you don't need to one or more specialists. Why then do so many Universal Care offshore folks come to America for treatment when they have life threatening conditions?

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    Their afraid of change. Just like trying to get new energy they are afraid to do something different long after the old way quit working.

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    I don't think that. I think with capitalism private industry is the way to go. As long as there are some regulations to insure that the health care companies are treating their customers right.

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